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    Samson Rope Link It Plus

    81206480112900 Samson Rope Link-It Plus

    Recovery Rope

    9.3T, 20T, 33T, 44T (Working load limit tons)


    Features and Benefits:

    Quick, easy attachment and detachment

    high Strength

    Lightweight; Less likely to cause injury

    Shorter connection lengths

    Will not corrode or rust

    Link-It is a soft shackle made from Samson’s Amsteel-Blue, providing an easy to use, lightweight connection method. Replacing steel shackles or other connection types, Link-It will not corrode or rust and has short connections lengths. Link-It comes with chafe protection and attached tag with rating information included.

    Panther is a lightweight, high strength, low stretch recovery tow sling designed to be reliable and safe for your mining and vehicle recovery operations. The 12 strand multiple grommet strength member is made of dyneema  sk78 and is covered with 100% dyneema hmpe chafe protection to provide the appearance and ease of handling of a single leg tow sling with superior abrasion resistance. At a fraction of the weight of wire, chain or kevlar, panther radically reduces manpower requirements and safety hazards.

    Together, Link-It and Panther make an amazingly lightweight and safe towing recovery system that can be used for jobs up to 100 metric tons.

    PLEASE NOTE: Other sizes/lengths of the Samson Rope Link-It Plus are available, give us a call for pricing and availability if you don’t see the size you are looking for on our website.