Becker/SMC: Motor control solutions for mines and tunnelling

Becker/SMC designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of electrical components, longwall electrical controls, power distribution equipment and explosion-proof motor starters for a range of industries and applications, including mining and tunnelling operations.

Leading the industry with innovative electrical control systems and the ability to design specialised power distribution systems for major projects, Becker/SMC offers an extensive portfolio to the mining industry, including belt power centres with integral starters, distribution boxes, open and explosion-proof portable substations, intrinsically safe lighting systems and hydraulic pump controls.

Becker/SMC mining products are available through Carroll Technologies, experts in safety and power distribution equipment for the mining industry. Carroll has supplied essential equipment to more than 800 mines across the US.

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “Becker/SMC manufactures motor controls and equipment that relates to power throughout mines, both for underground and above-ground operations. We stock and sell all the components and equipment for this company, from power centres, power centre components, circuit breakers, ground monitors, plugs, receptacles and switches, as well as complete assembly of power centres and substations.”

Becker/SMC products available through Carroll include:

  • Tester kits (C-3100-1H)
  • Relays (6314-019)
  • Receptacles (RL40FFE108-OOR)
  • Couplers (PML20C203-2A08Z)
  • Plug (PG40BFU108-00X)
  • Lugs (2455-014)
  • Terminals (6852-018)
  • Pins (6852-038)

Customers who choose to purchase Becker/SMC products through Carroll Technologies benefit from MinerCare 24/7 support, which provides around the clock technical assistance, factory authorised repair and rapid response to emergency situations.

Combining Becker/SMC’s expertise in design and manufacturing, and Carroll Technologies’ extensive distribution network across the US and up-to-date stock, any power requirement for mining operations can be solved, whether it be a component replacement or the design of a complete distribution system.

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