NLT (Northern Light Technologies)

About NLT

Northern Light Technologies (NLT) is a globally renowned provider of lighting solutions, including the first intrinsically safe cap lamp on the market that gained IECEx, ATEX, and MSHA certification.

  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Oil & Gas

Company History

According to Carroll president Allen Haywood: “NLT is a high-caliber supplier and spearheaded into the industry with the first wireless cap light. They have been in the business for decades, and our first relationship with them began in the 1980s. They’re based in Canada but do business all over the world, while we take care of the US for them.

“We hold them in very high regard. They have always been customer-oriented. Any time we’ve needed help to service a customer, they have always been there immediately to deal with any questions that the customer may have.”

The top cordless cap light in the world

N-R5120-01 Single Unit Charger

The NLT Polaris lamp is the most used cordless cap lamp in mines across the globe, outstripping its competition both in terms of light output and total runtime with an output of 7,000 LUX, a runtime of 14 hours for the primary LED, and seven days for the secondary LED. NLT has paved the way with mining lighting innovation, advancing on its Polaris model by incorporating proximity and tracking tags to develop the NLT Genesis.

The rugged, award-winning Polaris cap lamp headpiece is IP67-rated for use in harsh and dangerous environments such as mines and tunnels. As the first MSHA-approved all-in-one cordless cap lamp on the market, NLT has proven itself to be an industry leader with its expanding range of rugged cap lights, including the second generation Genesis cap lamp with integrated tracking tags, as well as the Rebel cap light that provides five hours of constant high beam light or 20 hours at medium output.

NLT offers products to suit a range of needs, from MSHA and IECEx approved all-in-ones to proximity warning and Wi-Fi-tracking cap lamps.

From The Store

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Where to buy NLT cap lamps

“We’ve been supplying the NLT cap lights for many years. It is the highest quality cap light in comparison to the others on the market, and there is a lot of competition. We are a service center and stocks repair parts for NLT products, so they are much a better value for the customer in the long term,” Haywood explains.

The NLT Polaris, Rebel and Genesis cap lights are available through Carroll Technologies’ online mining store:

  • Polaris cap light (both adjustable  and fixed clip)
  • Rebel cap light (both adjustable and fixed clip)
  • Genesis cap light (call 606-573-1000 for a customized cap light with tracking tags