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Samson Rope Technologies is an industry-leading manufacturer of field-proven, high-quality synthetic rope products that are used in a range of tough industries for applications such as climbing and rigging, cranes, conveyor belt pulling, and safety and rescue.

At Samson Rope, a committed research and development team work hard to design chafe-protected Samson synthetic rope and an extensive portfolio of ropes and thimbles suitable for any application.

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Samson Rope Company History

Founded in the 1870s, Samson Rope went on to design the first braided rope with a reinforced core in 1888. The Spot Cord is still sold and used to this day. Continuing on its path of innovation, Samson developed the first synthetic double-braided rope in 1957, and by the 1970s was an established player in the offshore industry.

Throughout the 1980s, Samson continued to pioneer new technologies by introducing the first High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) ropes, and by 1996 had Samson developed its flagship brand, Amsteel Blue. In 2021, it is still the most trusted and reliable synthetic rope brand on the market.

The 2000s has seen continued innovation with Samson braid rope, working with HMPE Dyneema fibers and a range of coatings, as well as developing apps and integrated technology and service platforms to enable customers to meet operational best practices requirements.

Samson Rope Products

127 Ton Samson Rope Panther Recovery Sling

In the adverse environments that workers face in the mining industry, there is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of ropes and rigging equipment. Samson Amsteel Blue and Saturn-12 ropes are designed and calibrated to meet the stringent requirements of the mining industry that not only keep workers safe with their unparalleled reliability, but also reduce overall operational costs with their long work life. The Samson rope strength chart details all product specifications to ensure that the best product is chosen for the given application.

The Amsteel Blue and Saturn-12 are used as conveyor belt pulling lines and longwall shield haulers, with the Amsteel blue also being suitable for use as a winch line. For dragline dump ropes, Samson recommends the prospector-100 with enhanced durability and high-strength. Samson also offers the Link-It, which replaces steel shackles or other connection types without rust or corrosion.

The Amsteel Blue is a torque-free 12-strand braid that is manufactured from Dyneema fiber, with the additional support of a Samthane coating that provides abrasion and tension fatigue resistance.

As one of the most widely used synthetic ropes on the market, the Amstell Blue outlasts wire 3:1 at only 1/7th of the weight.

When it comes to durability, Saturn-12 is unparalleled. It is manufactured from Dyneema SK78 fiber and a propriety coating to improve abrasion and UV resistance. This long-lasting rope has a residual strength up to 15-20% greater than other HMPE lines with conventional coatings.

Recovery slings for mines and tunnels are an essential part of lifting and transporting heavy loads in the mining industry. Rugged and reliable recovery slings reduce how many workers are required for the application, as well as improving safety and preventing breakages. For this application, Samson has developed the light-weight Panther tow sling, which is constructed from a 12-strand multiple grommet strength member, consisting of 100% Dyneema fiber. It offers chafe protection for abrasion resistance and is significantly lighter than wires and chains, making it easy to use and reducing manpower requirements.

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Samson Rope Company Certifications

With such a comprehensive range of products tailored for different applications, Samson holds a number of product-specific certifications covering design, quality policies and manufacturing procedures, as well as compliance to national, international and industry standards. Samson arborist rope, Samson winch rope, and Samson rigging rope all comply with top industry regulations.

As a company, Samson has also been recognized by Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas and the America Bureau of Shipping for its quality systems. The company currently maintains certifications for ISO 9001:2015 (LR), manufacturing assessment (ABS) and Mode I recognition (BV).

Trusted Samson Rope Distributors

Samson is one of a range of mining rope and rigging manufacturers that Carroll Technologies is able to supply, so we are well-positioned to offer independent advice on the rope solution that is best suited to a particular application. To receive a quote for customized rope and rigging solutions from one of Samson’s top distributors, get in touch below.