Carroll Technologies Group offers a comprehensive range of safety equipment tailored specifically for the mining industry.

Our commitment to your safety and operational excellence is unwavering. As industry leaders, we understand the importance of reliable equipment in hazardous mining environments across different sectors and commodities, including cobalt, lithium, salt, coal, limestone, and metal mining.​ With $7 million in spare parts and inventory from 80+ manufacturers at our distribution centers across North America, we ensure a readily available supply for your requirements. As proud advocates of safety, we prioritize MSHA-approved Miner Act products, providing you peace of mind in knowing that our solutions comply with the highest safety standards.

Mined copper

Copper Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Copper mining is a critical industry that provides the raw materials necessary for countless products and technologies.

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Mined nickel

Nickel Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Nickel mining plays a significant role in various sectors, including stainless steel production, batteries for electric vehicles, and aerospace applications. However, the extraction of this valuable metal comes with its own set of challenges and risks. Ensuring the safety of miners in nickel mining operations is paramount.

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Mined palladium

Palladium Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Palladium is in high demand for its use in various industrial applications, particularly in the automotive industry for catalytic converters. With the increasing demand for palladium, mining operations have expanded, making it crucial to prioritize the safety of miners.

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Silver mining commodity

Silver Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Mining operations, especially in the extraction of precious metals like silver, can be fraught with risks and hazards. The safety of miners is paramount, and equipping them with the right tools and knowledge is crucial.

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Gold mine

Gold Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

In 2023, both the USA and Canada are in the top five gold-producing countries in the world. Operating a gold mine involves various hazardous activities, from drilling and blasting to material handling and transportation. To mitigate these risks and ensure the safety of workers, a comprehensive set of safety equipment and practices are essential.

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Mined graphite

Graphite Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

According to GlobalData, Canada was the world’s fifth-largest producer of graphite in 2022, with output down by 2.4% compared to 2021. The majority of its exports are sent to the US.

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Base metals mining

Metals Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Metals mining is a crucial industry, extracting valuable resources that play a vital role in powering economies and industries worldwide. However, there are inherent hazards associated with mining, exposing workers to various risks. To safeguard the well-being of mining personnel, safety equipment is essential.

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Aggregate mining

Aggregate Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

North America boasts an abundance of aggregates and limestone deposits, with some of the most notable locations being Indiana and Kentucky, US, as well as Ontario, Canada. Aggregate mining is a vital industry, supplying a fundamental raw material for various industries, including cement, construction and agriculture. However, like any mining operation, it comes with risks that must be adequately addressed to protect the well-being of workers.

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Mined Lithium

Lithium Mining Safety Equipment and Solutions

Global demand for lithium has surged in recent years, with lithium-ion batteries playing a pivotal role in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. As these mining operations continue to expand, ensuring the safety of workers becomes a principal concern. To mitigate the risks associated with lithium mining, the implementation of comprehensive safety measures and the use of appropriate protective equipment are essential.

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Salt mining

Personal Protection and Safety Equipment for Salt Mine Workers

Salt mining is considered the least dangerous form of mining, although potential hazards include mine collapse, noise exposure and air contamination. To help companies protect their workers and meet Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) standards, Carroll Technologies has provided personal protection equipment (PPE) and safety equipment to more than 800 mines across North America for more than 40 years.

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