Man using chainsaw in a tree wearing fall protection harness and PPE

Agriculture & Forestry Safety Equipment & Supplies

Agriculture and forestry industries are marked by physically demanding tasks, heavy machinery, and exposure to various environmental hazards, making safety equipment and supplies indispensable.

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Forklift safety sign in warehouse with forklift in the background

Distribution and Warehouse Facilities Safety Equipment

In logistics and supply chain management, warehouse safety stands as a paramount concern, not only for the well-being of workers but also for ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing potential downtime due to accidents.

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Silhouette of miner underground with cap light in

Safety Equipment for Cave Rescue Operations

Cave rescues are complex operations that require a blend of technical expertise, physical endurance, and specialized equipment. Given the unique challenges posed by the underground environment, rescuers need to be prepared for everything from tight passages and vertical shafts to water hazards and unstable rock formations.

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Large sewer drain construction project

Water Industry Safety Equipment & Supplies

Amid rapid urbanization, rising customer demands and emerging digital trends, the water industry is under increasing pressure to operate optimally to meet demand and stay ahead of the competition. From high-quality pumps to lighting solutions, gas detection and ground monitoring, Carroll Technologies provides a wide range of safety equipment and supplies for the water industry.

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Ski area safety cap light

Ski Area Safety Equipment

Carroll Technologies has 40 years' experience providing safety equipment in the most challenging industrial environments in the world and is now using that expertise to make US ski areas and resorts safer. Unlike anonymous online stores, Carroll's in-house experts select and support all the equipment we supply: from customized safety signage to personal protective equipment, lighting and radio communication solutions. As a member of The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), Carroll Technologies Group is committed to providing quality and value for this industry.

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Railway worker using safety equipment

Railway Safety Equipment

From gas detection to communication equipment, there is no compromising quality when it comes to railway safety equipment.

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Bird's eye view of wind farm

Renewable Energy Safety Equipment

According to GlobalData, renewable energy held a 19% share of the US’s total power capacity in 2020, and this is expected to increase to 48.4% by 2030. With the industry growing, so too does the market for renewable energy safety equipment to protect personnel working in this sector. Whilst renewable energy working environments are generally safer, especially compared to sectors such as coal mining that have high fatality rates, there are a number of safety concerns shared with its mining counterparts. Fall hazards, electrical safety, and confined space risks all need to be assessed.

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panoramic view of an offshore oil and gas rig

Offshore Oil Rig Safety Equipment

Offshore platforms and oil rigs pose numerous potential risks, with workers engaged in many industrial processes that require specialized heavy machinery.

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Construction Safety Equipment

Carroll Technologies is your one-stop shop for construction industry safety equipment, PPE, electrical components and communications solutions - including DAS.

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Steel Industry Safety Equipment & Supplies

The US steel industry is one of our specialized areas. We have more than 45 years of experience supplying a wide range of customized safety, electrical, communications and other industrial items.

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