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Carroll Technologies Group is the largest sales, service and repair group in the US providing communications, safety and other equipment to industries including mining, tunneling, steel, oil and gas, renewable energy and construction. We have more than 800 customers supported by seven distribution centers strategically located across North America.

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Free, Same Day Shipping on Harrington Hoists

Due to high demand, Carroll Technologies Group has increased its availability of Harrington hoists and is offering free, same day shipping within the US.

MSHA powered-haulage regulations: All you need to know

How we can help

Carroll Technologies: A Complete Service with 24/7 Support

Our industry experts are on hand 24/7 to provide expert advice and same-day dispatch of essential items from our comprehensive inventory of products. Our services include: installation, training, support, consultancy and repair.

Customized Installation

Whatever your industrial needs may be, we’ve got the right products and offer a customized solution expertly engineered to address the challenges of your project.

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Vast Range of Products

$7 million worth of essential technology repair components in stock from 70+ manufacturers at our seven distribution centers across North America.

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Industry-leading Support

We won't just sell you a product we will support you for the lifetime of the item with repairs, servicing and industry-accredited training.

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Repairs and Servicing

We repair and service everything we sell and are on hand 24/7 to do whatever is required to keep you operating and to minimise your downtime.

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Our Services

We provide our customers with spares and repairs, troubleshooting and consultancy as well as end-to-end solutions for data networking, voice communications and disaster recovery.

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    All products purchased from Carroll Technologies are covered by around the clock technical support.

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  • Product Support

    Carroll Technologies Group is a leading supplier and service provider to the mining, steel, construction and tunneling industries with 24/7 support. We have the most comprehensive service and support organization available.

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  • Communications Network Design

    Carroll Technologies Group is a one-stop shop for all of your voice and data networking needs.

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  • Rapid Response Safety Compliance

    Customers can count on Carroll when needed in time-critical and emergency situations, from a mine fire to a machine down because of the failure of a critical part.

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  • Consulting and Training

    Carroll Technologies Group offers its customers across North America comprehensive mine safety consulting services and training.

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Our Products

We stock over $7 million worth of spare parts from 80+ manufacturers at our 13 distribution centers across North America. And we’re committed to providing a full range of MSHA-approved Miner Act products.

  • Fire suppression systems

    Fire suppression systems are used to control and extinguish fires, they are activated by heat and smoke. The automatic fire safety solutions eliminate the need for people to manually activate it in need of emergency therefore reducing the risk to the safety of any workers. In less accessible areas such as offshore rigs, these systems are ideal.

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    Honeywell fire suppression systems

    Honeywell provides fire suppression systems that help to prevent fire from destroying life and property. These powerful systems are fast and reliable against electrical, non-electrical and smoke fires in water sensitive environments.

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    Tunnel Communications Systems

    For above-ground communication, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to available technology, but these matters become more complicated underground. Tunnel communication systems cannot rely on satellites, and tracking cannot be done utilizing GPS, but workers need to communicate and operations need to be monitored.

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    Ground monitoring in underground mines: Miner’s Helper from SMI

    Ground monitoring devices for underground mines play an integral role in preventing ground movement, which can result in rock falls and tunnel collapses. By providing important data regarding the behaviour of surrounding rock, geophysical instruments for mining operations allow mines to react to rock deformation and assess the performance of the ground support systems.

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"Safety’s always been our number one goal. We feel that a safe workplace is the most efficient and productive workplace."

Tommy J. Bannister

President & CEO


The Industries We Cover

Renewable Energy Safety Equipment

Offshore Oil Rig Safety Equipment

Construction Safety Equipment

Steel Industry Safety Equipment & Supplies

Mining Safety Equipment & Supplies

Tunnelling Industry Safety Equipment

Efficient industrial lighting is imperative to worker safety. According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Summary released in 2022, approximately three million American workers are hurt on the job…

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Our Distribution Centers

Our seven distribution centers are strategically located to ensure that we can get to our customers quickly with repairs, service, supply and support.

our Distrubution Centers
About Carroll Technologies

About Carroll Technologies

Carroll Technologes was formed out of the merger of Delta Electric (founded in Logan, West Virginia in 1976) and Carroll Engineering (founded in Harlan, Kentucky in 1977). While our roots are in coal mining, we now support a wide range of underground and above-ground industrial sectors. We sell 20,000 different products, from more than 70 distributors, and will always use our expertise to provide a fully customized solution.

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