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About Simplified Mine Instruments

Simplified Mine Instruments (SMI) offers simple solutions for complex underground monitoring with a range of high-quality products. The company provides roof monitors, borehole cameras, and accessories such as digital gauges.

Along with its product offerings, SMI has specialized in providing expert advice and customer service to the mining industry for more than 30 years.

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SMI Product range

MHL SMI Extensometer

The Miner’s Helper Extensometer is a single-point extensometer used to measure roof sag. It utilizes a reflectorized rod that is activated when a user-defined amount of movement has occurred.

Similarly, the Sag Flag provides a continuous visual indication of movement as part of an early warning system and is a great tool for ground control management.

The Miner’s Helper Remote Readable Roof Monitor is used to reliably measure rock strata separations or roof sag. Building on the functionality of the standard Miner’s Helper, this monitor enables the user to remotely gather data from the readout box connected via an electrical cable.

The Miner’s Eye Borescope camera can be used for visual inspections of boreholes, even those as small as 1-5/8 inches in diameter. It provides straight-ahead and 90-degree visualization, with an on-screen distance measurement reading so users can assess the competency of roof geology and pillars.

These products are important to the health and safety of underground workers and help to prevent disasters such as mine roof collapses. All SMI products are available in standard packages and customized for your project. Please call 606-573-1000 to discuss further.

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Sag Flag Installation

Where to buy SMI products

As part of a new collaborative partnership, Carroll Technologies is able to supply a range of SMI products.

For more information about the distribution of SMI equipment provided through Carroll Technologies, or to find out which underground monitoring products are best suited for your mining operation, contact us below today.