Line Power

High-quality electrical distribution, generation and transmission equipment for mining and industry

About Line Power

Line Power is a division of Electro-Mechanical, headquartered in Bristol, Virginia, USA. It specialises in electricity generation, transmission, distribution and control for a range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, and electrical utility.

  • Mining
  • Utility
  • Energy
  • Tunnelling

Line Power History

Electro-Mechanical was founded in 1958, and by the mid 1960’s had grown to primarily serve the textile industry. When the largest textile customer in the region went out of business, Electro-Mechanical redirected its focus toward the mining industry.

In 1971, operating division Line Power Manufacturing was incorporated into Electro-Mechanical. Line Power Manufacturing Corporation was created to meet the growing demand for underground power centers and became a leader in the market throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

By the 2000s, Electro-Mechanical were further expanding. An increase in space at the Line Power plant made room for new product lines, such as electrical distribution equipment for solar, data center and other mission-critical applications.

Line Power Product Range

UT-MX1000-2 Ultima Ulta-Slim Beacon, Class 1 LED Strobe, Amber

For mining, tunneling and dredging applications, Line Power offers a range of substations, VCB switch houses, longwall control systems, power centers, belt and pump starters, explosion-proof equipment, electrical controls for tunnel boring machines, mine-duty transformers, switches, vacuum circuit breakers and feeder protectors, ground monitors and ground fault relays, voltage vouplers, fuses and splice boxes.

Line Power also provides custom inverter houses and metal enclosed switchgears for commercial, industrial and renewable energy applications.

Why Line Power?

Line Power is a customer-orientated company, offering around the clock electrical equipment repair and maintenance services in addition to its portfolio of industry-leading equipment.


Customized products are designed and engineered by an experienced team. During fabrication and assembly each product is thoroughly inspected. The checks cover all specific operational functions that must demonstrate compliance with high-quality assurance standards in Electro-Mechanical’s ISO 2000 registered facility.

Where to buy Line Power Products

Carroll Technologies supplies Line Power products in addition to providing a complete design and installation service, specifically tailored to your needs. Building on more than 40 years of industry experience, Carroll also ensures that the installation is integrated with systems operated by other technology brands.

Post-purchase, Carroll Technologies offer a complete installation, servicing and repair service with 24/7 technical support.