LED Strip Lighting Solutions

About x-Glo

Underground lighting for mining, tunneling, and oil & gas industries can be expensive and time consuming. x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is an innovative solution to providing both permanent and temporary industrial lighting with a safe, robust and durable product. While conventional lighting requires separate power and a wired connection for each lamp, x-Glo LED Strip Lighting plugs into an existing power source, making it a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Ski Areas
  • Oil & Gas

Why x-Glo?

x-Glo LED Strip Lighting saves time and money on installation and energy costs. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy compared to conventional lighting sources, consuming only 9W per meter. Underground operations also save on maintenance costs, as x-Glo products are not affected by adverse mine environments, losing minimal illumination over an expected ten-year work life, and any damaged strips can be repaired in 8″ sections. LED strips have the additional benefit of providing full coverage and consistent luminescence, meaning no “high and low spots”.

LED Strip Lighting is plugged into an existing power source using an x-Glo power supply, each of which will light a 20-meter LED section. Another power supply can be attached to the other end of the strip in order to extend it, and so on to form a chain. x-Glo also provides accessories to allow for bends and T-junctions.

Product Range

Harrington Mini Lever Chain Hoist (LX003 – 1/4 Ton)

x-Glo’s standard and long ranges are available in different lengths, with varying rated power and lumens depending on the application. x-Glo also offers chasing and multi-color strips (including red, green, and blue). The Visual Alert Control System (V.A.C.S.) allows users to control x-Glo color changing lights to visually alert workers in the event of an emergency, or for traffic management by creating special lighting controls.

Where to Buy x-Glo Products

Carroll Technologies supplies x-Glo products that are specifically tailored to your lighting requirements. Building on more than 40 years of industry experience, Carroll can assess your safety needs to recommend the most suitable lighting solution.

Post-purchase, Carroll Technologies offer a complete installation, servicing and repair service with 24/7 technical support.