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Fully Optimized Electronic Safety Solutions for Mining, Construction & Tunneling

About PBE Axell

Building on more than 40 years of experience providing proximity alert systems, atmospheric monitoring, leaky feeders and phones for the mining industry, Pyott Boone Electronics, now PBE Axell, has developed and supplied a comprehensive portfolio of safety and communication solutions.


PBE Axell's History

Founded in 1971, PBE group has consistently grown with its investors to offer industry-leading mining and tunneling communications solutions and monitoring systems, as well as specialized manufacturing services for U.S. Defense contractors.

Pyotte Boone became PBE Group in 2011 when it was acquired by a group of investors and granted the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition by utilising the latest technology. In the seven years that followed, PBE acquired Minecom, Mine Radio Systems Inc (MRS), Four Leaf Solutions and Rutherford Group to expand its product portfolio, global reach and manufacturing capabilities.

PBE Axell's Product Range

Model 112 GEN II Page Boss Mine Phone

PBE offers an extensive range of proximity alert systems, leaky feeders systems, mining phones and atmospheric monitoring devices.

The Pyotte Boone Page BossTM mine page phone series is one of the most advanced and reliable phone series available to the mining industry today. Page Boss phones ensure clear and undistorted communication through the entire network, with different models available to suit the needs of different mining areas. The  112S/S Standard GEN II Model 112 page phone features sounder strobe for increased audible and visual alerts in noisy working areas, whereas the model 111 Page Boss is fitted with a bullhorn speaker, 110 or 220 VAC power supply and 12VDC output. The model 140  Page Boss features a touch tone keypad that can make calls through Model 139 or operate as a standard 12 VDC paging phone

PBE’s Leaky Feeder System can be customized for specific site requirements to ensure the best radio coverage and data communications. These two-way radio systems offer complete communications coverage at mining sites, both above and below ground.

PBE’s proximity alert systems use EM, RFID, GPS and bi-directional radar simultaneously for accuracy, and can be configured to recognise different groups (such as vehicle types or personnel). The PAS-ZR is a ruggedized version of PBE’s standard collision avoidance system, specifically designed for both above and below ground vehicles in the construction and mining industry.

For safety monitoring, PBE offers the MineBoss 2.0, which is a centralized control system that monitors and controls atmospheric monitoring, fire and dust suppression systems, power supplies/battery back-up, fans and airflow systems.

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PBE Group Certifications

Ensuring safety and productivity for its customers is key, so PBE is ISO-certified and ATEX-approved.

PBE Axell Distributors

PBE turnkey products are available and supplied through Carroll Technologies online mining store, and for customized communication, safety and data solutions Carroll are well-positioned to offer independent advice about which products are best suited to a particular application.