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Mining LED lighting solutions

About Vision X

Vision X Lighting USA has firmly established itself as a leader in the lighting industry through its commitment to innovation, quality, and diverse product offerings. Vision X services industries such as mining, agriculture, marine, fire & emergency, and construction. Its industrial division is particularly notable, specializing in mining and heavy industrial lighting, providing tailored solutions that consider both equipment models and specific environmental conditions.


Vision X History

Vision X Lighting was established in 1997 with a clear goal to revolutionize the lighting industry. Since its inception, Vision X has been a pioneer in the field, initially building Halogen and HID lights. Over the years, they have continuously innovated, introducing technologies such as the first internal ballasts to simplify installation and advanced thermal management in LED lines.

Product Range

UT-MX1000-2 Ultima Ulta-Slim Beacon, Class 1 LED Strobe, Amber

Vision X offers diverse lighting products suitable for multiple applications and industries. Their product lineup includes:

  • LED Driving Lights: These lights come in various beam patterns, including halo, spot, flood, and mixed, and are tested in harsh environments.
  • LED Headlights: DOT-compliant lighting is available in different sizes and styles, often featuring integrated amber or white halo rings.
  • LED Light Bars: These are available in curved or straight forms, ranging from 5″ to 54″ lengths, suitable for various conditions.
  • Accessory Lights: Durable, heavy-duty lights, such as waterproof underbody and strip lights in multiple colors.
  • LED Work Lights: Catering to light, heavy, and extreme-duty applications with a broad range of lumen outputs.
  • Commercial Lights: These include both interior and exterior lighting with multiple beam patterns and brackets for AC and DC voltages.
  • Beacons & Specialty Lights: Offering safety accessories and specialized lighting solutions for diverse applications.
  • Vehicle-Specific Lighting: Kits and mounting options tailored for most truck makes and models.

From The Store

Why Vision X

Vision X’s commitment to innovation and quality is demonstrated through its pioneering technologies and rigorous testing standards, ensuring that its products can withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. Vision X’s dedication to quality is evident in its rigorous product testing protocols, including testing by NASA in extreme conditions, such as zero atmosphere and very low temperatures.

Where to buy Vision X products

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