Collision Avoidance

Buggy Whip at Mine

Buggy Whip Vs Competitors: Driver Industrial, 5150 Whips, Tribal Whips, Gecko Whips

In industries where heavy machinery and vehicles are a daily necessity, ensuring the safety of operators and nearby workers is paramount, especially when working in adverse environments. One often overlooked yet crucial component of vehicle safety is the quality of safety whips. These brightly colored, high-visibility whips serve as essential markers, alerting others to the presence of vehicles in busy and hazardous environments.

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ELOKON ELOfleet forklift impact monitoring

Forklift Impact Monitoring Systems

Forklifts play an indispensable role in material handling and logistics, but without effective impact monitoring systems there is a significant risk of collisions that can cause injury, damage to goods and infrastructure, and costly downtime.

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Forklift pedestrian safety

Forklift Pedestrian Detection Systems for Enhanced Safety in Distribution and Warehousing Operations

According to industry reports, forklift-related accidents are among the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, highlighting the need for effective safety measures.

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How ELOKON and Carroll Technologies’ Strategic Distribution Partnership Will Enhance Industrial Safety

ELOKON, a global leader in advanced safety and fleet management systems for industrial vehicles, has announced its strategic partnership with Carroll Technologies Group, the leading provider of safety and communication equipment to several important industrial sectors.

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Fleet of trucks and forklifts outside of a warehouse facility

Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Forklifts are indispensable for daily operations in warehouses and distribution centers. However, managing a fleet of forklifts can be a complex task, involving aspects such as maintenance, safety, and operational efficiency.

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Powered haulage vehicles in a mining environment with a cost scale overlay

Cost Effective Mine Safety Solutions for Avoiding Collisions

Collision avoidance solutions represent a vital component of modern mining operations, offering the potential to significantly reduce risks and enhance efficiency.

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Buggy Whip safety whips at a mine in the USA

Top Suppliers of Buggy Whip Safety Whips in the US and Canada

The Buggy Whip brand is synonymous with high-quality safety whips, providing LED safety antennas that competitors have been unable to match to this day.

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Collision avoidance in mines (Picture: Shutterstock)

Carroll Launches Collision Avoidance Alert Campaign

Carroll Technologies has launched a campaign to reduce the death toll from non-roadway collisions at US mines, construction and other industrial sites.

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Commercial vehicles lined up

Commercial Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems

Commercial vehicles manoeuvring around and travelling to construction sites, mining facilities, and other busy industrial locations need to be part of a vehicle collision avoidance system. Even on the road, large commercial conveyances should have proximity sensors for vehicles.

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Cranes in close proximity poses a collision risk

Collision Avoidance Systems for Cranes

Collision avoidance systems for cranes are essential for keeping workers safe. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported 297 crane-related deaths between 2011 and 2017, 157 of which involved the worker being struck by an object or equipment.

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