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MSA Altair 4x mining gas detector

Unexpected, harmful vapors can be inadvertently released within a mine without warning. Multi-gas detection instruments can be used to identify the presence of flammable gases, toxic airborne chemicals, and oxygen depletion within seconds. Putting safety first is essential for both the wellbeing of miners and the legal compliance of mine companies. Both put their trust in Carroll Technologies Group every day for their mine safety product needs.

Methane becomes highly inflammable and even explosive at atmospheric levels as low as five to 15%. Carbon monoxide levels as low as 0.1% are liable to cause fatality within just a few minutes, and it can take as little as 30 seconds of oxygen deprivation for a miner to lose consciousness. As such, it’s vital for mine workers to be able to detect changes in their atmosphere immediately.

Multi-gas detection instruments mines and tunneling: detectors 

A multi-gas detector can be produced in both portable and fixed formats. Portable detectors allow miners to test the atmosphere of confined spaces prior to entry, trace leaks, and provide early warnings of the presence of dangerous gases. Fixed detectors can be installed in high-risk areas where flammable gases could accumulate to be constantly monitored.

One device supplied by Carroll Technologies Group in a fully portable format represents the very highest caliber of gas detection technology – the Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Altair 4X Detector.

Assembled to order, the device offers a 4-year operational life, and can alert the user to the presence of combustibles, toxins, and anaerobic environments in 15 seconds. It also has improved reusability and accuracy compared to previous models, and a lower maintenance cost. The device is estimated to have a four-year working life, and comes with a manufacturer’s instrument warranty of three years.

The Altair 4X also comes with MotionAlert™ as standard in all detectors. This technology activates an alert when no movement is detected from the user for 30 seconds or longer, should they be injured or unconscious. Users are also able to manually activate the InstantAlert™ alarm, which utilizes the device’s alarm system to quickly and efficiently warn others of hazards in the near vicinity.

The software can be easily connected to a PC for simple data management, and is dust and water resistant. Its 30-hour runtime allows for continuous operation over three shifts, and its chunky, ergonomic design allows it to be easily operated even if the user is wearing gloves.

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