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460027 Holster for W65 Rescuer

by MSA


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Adapts W65 Self-Rescuer to belts up to 21⁄2” in width

W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator, with protective boot and neoprene holster

The W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator provides emergency respiratory protection against carbon monoxide gas resulting from under- ground fires or explosions. A one- time-use device for escape purposes only, it provides respiratory protection against carbon monoxide in otherwise respirable air; it should not be used in atmo- spheres containing less than 19.5 percent oxygen or in atmospheres containing other toxic gases and vapors.

The W65 Self-Rescuer uses oxidation Hopcalite® Catalyst to convert toxic carbon monoxide to non-toxic carbon dioxide. Filter unit consists of an outer course-dust filter and an inner fine-dust filter to remove dust particles, the Hopcalite Catalyst, and a drying agent to protect the catalyst from moisture. The respirator exceeds NIOSH specified service-life requirements of 60 minutes against 1% carbon monoxide in air 25 ̊ C, 95% RH, at a continu- ous flow rate of 32 liters per minute. Tests at 2% CO show that the W65 Self-Rescuer will still afford protection, but that increased reaction heat will eventually force the wearer to retreat to an atmosphere with a lower CO concentration. Heat buildup caused by the oxidation reaction is inherent in the operation of this type of self- recuer unit, but the W65 Self-Rescuer's integral heat exchanger reduces inhaled air temperature to a bearable level.

  • Provides emergency protection against carbon monoxide gas resulting from underground fires or explosions
  • Total life of 15 years with an in-service life limited to ten years
  • Rugged stainless steel case
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs.

To protect the filter bed from moisture contamination, expired air is passed back through the heat exchanger and out through the spring-loaded mica disc expiratory valve. Excess saliva is also expelled through the expiratory valve.

Protected in a stainless steel case, the W65 Self-Rescuer has a positive hermetic seal and has a total life of 15 years, with an in- service life limited to ten years. In-service life starts when the unit is placed into a mine or underground for storage; however, if it has been used for emergency escape or if the seal is broken, it must be replaced with a new factory-sealed unit.

The entire assembly weighs approximately 1000 grams (2.2 lbs), and can be carried comfortably on the hip via a 13⁄8" wide integral belt loop. An accessory leather or neoprene holster is available to adapt to belts up to 21⁄2" wide.


The W65 Self-Rescuer is an air-purifying device designed to protect the wearer from toxic carbon monoxide. It does not supply oxygen but functions to oxidize carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide with resulting reaction heat. Therefore, when the W65 Self-Rescuer is worn in an atmosphere containing carbon monoxide, the air entering the wearer’s mouth will be hot and dry. The inhaled air's temperature is dependent upon the carbon monoxide concentration; the higher the concentration, the higher the temperature. The very presence of heat indicates that carbon monoxide is present in the air being drawn into the W65 Self-Rescuer, and the W65 Self-Rescuer should never be discarded because of discomfort from hot dry air. All air must be drawn through the W65 Self-Rescuer.

The W65 Self-Rescuer contains a heat exchanger to reduce the discomfort caused by high concentrations of carbon monoxide. For example, tests at 1.5% carbon monoxide showed that the heat exchanger will effectively reduce the inhaled air temperature from approximately 300 ̊F to 150 ̊F. Though uncomfortable, one can tolerate even higher inhaled air temperatures since the respiratory system itself is an effective heat exchanger. The importance of training workers to use the nose clip at all times and to breathe through the W65 Self-Rescuer until they reach fresh air is emphasized by the fact that carbon monoxide concentration of 0.5% (5000 ppm) can cause rapid collapse, unconsciousness, and death within a few minutes. It is far better to be alive with a hot or blistered mouth than to be overcome or killed by carbon monoxide. Do not sneak a breath or two of relatively cool air into the mouth by opening the lips.

Note: For further cautions and instructions, including the importance of training in the use of this device, refer to the USBM Handbook for Miners, and USBM Instruction Guide 2, MSA W65 Self-Rescuer.