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About Stancor Pumps

Building on more than 35 years of experience, Stancor is an industry-leading specialist in distributing submersible dewatering pumps for demanding industrial environments. Backed by Carroll’s service, repair and supply network across the US, Stancor pumps have a reputation for reliability and quality


Stancor History

Launched in 1985, when Alimak Corp’s submersible mining pump business was divested, today Stancor Pumps is owned by Knox Capital. During this time, the company has built a strong and reliable reputation in demanding industries such as mining, construction, utilities and wastewater, and has made continual upgrades to stay ahead of the competition.

In 2016, the company bought G&G Controls, which boasts more than 35 years of experience along with both UL 508A and UL 698A certification. With this ability to combine underground water mine pumps and controls, as well as its excellent support service, Stancor Pumps is dedicated to providing comprehensive pumping solutions, not just products.

Product Range

Stancor AHS-05/115/1 Dewatering Pump – High-Quality Pump for Efficient Water Removal

Stancor offers a broad portfolio of MSHA-approved mine dewatering pumps, designed and manufactured in the US, to move water and oil in confined spaces. In addition to its mining submersible pump lines, the Oil Minder solution-based system can be used to integrate pumps and oil-sensing controls to ensure code compliance and reduce environmental risks.

The MSHA-rated P/S Series are explosion-proof, heavy-duty, dewatering pumps manufactured from the most rugged materials to offer excellent wear resistance. This range includes offerings such as the S150/1.5HP with field adjustable take-up nuts and the P30CSE portable electric slurry-trash pump.

The SL Solids Series consists of heavy-duty vortex trash pumps designed to efficiently manage large solids while pumping liquids, while the SEW Series is a range of non-clog solids-handling wastewater pumps. The SB Series are clean water dewatering pumps that feature ABS and glass fibre impellers, Class A motor insulation and built-in thermal protection.

From The Store

Why Stancor Pumps?

Stancor Pump’s stellar reputation in the most adverse environments is no coincidence. The company prides itself in putting the customer first, and Carrol Technologies works closely with customers to provide customized solutions in a timeframe that suits them.

Regardless of the industry, equipment failure and downtime is expensive, which is why Stancor mining slurry pumps and mining dewatering pumps are backed by a commitment to quality and reliability. Its pumps are made with high-quality components designed to cope with demanding industrial environments, leading to lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product, compared to other brands.

Carroll Engineering president, Allen Haywood, explains;

“We chose to supply Stancor because of their price competitiveness and reliability. They are a highly respected name in the pump industry and we are delighted to add them to the comprehensive range of solutions we can offer our customers.”

Stancor Pump Certifications

Stancor products are manufactured at its Monroe, CT headquarters, producing high-quality “Made in the USA” certified dewatering pumps. For mining applications, Stancor provides Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved pumps that protect mining operations from risks such as explosions, and most importantly, keep miners safe.

Stancor products are also available with CSA certification upon request for use in Canada, which ensure that products have been thoroughly tested to meet regional standards.

Where to Buy Stancor Pumps

Stancor is one of a range of pump manufacturers and distributors that Carroll Technologies is able to supply, so we are well-positioned to offer independent advice on the pumping solution that is best suited to a particular application.

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