AMOT Control Valves

High-Quality Distributors of Control Valves for Mining & Industrial Use Across North America

About AMOT

AMOT is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of energy control valves, engine safety and monitoring products, as well as compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment.

Established as a company that offers not only high-quality products but also a comprehensive portfolio, AMOT US can meet the needs of customers from a variety of industries and for a range of applications, including mining and tunnelling operations.


AMOT History

Founded in 1948 under the name American Motors, AMOT designed and manufactured the first wax element thermostatic temperature control valve. The company then expanded into the world of diesel engine safety, with a growing range of product offerings.

Today, AMOT offers unparalleled choices in safety, control, and monitoring of rotating equipment. Over the course of more than 70 years, AMOT has worked with both end-users and engine manufacturers to deliver engine control valves for any application.

Product Range

Harrington Mini Lever Chain Hoist (LX003 – 1/4 Ton)

As a leading supplier of actuated and thermostatic temperature control valves and regulators, AMOT products can reduce vehicle emissions by improving efficiency and safety.

AMOT products are used for controlling the temperature of engine fluids, which is essential for maintaining mining equipment efficiency and performance. For a number of applications, especially those that use heavy machinery and vehicles, the inability to maintain temperature accuracy can result in inefficient fuel consumption, high emissions and smoking equipment.

Diesel emissions not only increase the carbon footprint of a mining operation, but in underground tunnels it can greatly reduce the quality of breathable air and present safety issues in areas with flammable vapors.

AMOT works with its customers to ensure that they find the product best suited for their needs from its extensive portfolio or custom-designed control valves.

Why AMOT Control Valves?

AMOT offers a diverse range of control valves that cannot be found elsewhere. If you cannot find exactly what you need, AMOT can provide custom designs to exact user specifications.

AMOT control valves are simple, reliable products designed to keep equipment running smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal downtime.


AMOT manufacturing sites meet ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certification standards, and its products meet the requirements of ATEX Certification (on select products intended for use in hazardous areas), CE Certification, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and ROHS/REACH.

Where to buy AMOT Products

According to Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies:

“We’ve been distributing for AMOT for over a decade. Their products are used to reduce vehicle emissions, and we’re seeing increasing demand for this.”

Carroll Technologies provides an extensive range of AMOT products within the US and Canada, working closely with customers to recommend the best control valve solution for any given application.

For more information about AMOT products provided through Carroll Technologies, or to find out which energy control products are best suited for your mining operation, contact us below.