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MineTech Mine Foam Sealant: Dust Suppression & Control for Mining

mine foam sealant for mining ventilation

This type of mine ventilation air sealant is a disposable, expandable spray foam kit, which comprises two chemical components.

When sprayed from low pressure dispensing equipment, the mine foam expands 6-10 times its initial volume, creating an airtight seal around the targeted area. Within 30 seconds, the product becomes tack free.

A typical kit has a yield of 15 ft3 / 180ft2 at one inch thick. The foam has a temperature tolerance between -250°F – 250°F and tensile strength of 36.14 psi (ASTM D1623). It does not contain CFC’s, Penta-BDE’s, VOC’s or Urea-Formaldehyde

Quaker’s mine foam sealant is available through their US distributor, Carroll Technologies, who have been providing mining safety equipment to more than 800 mines across North America for more than thirty years.

“Quaker Chemical is a well-established company and we’ve been representing them for some time,” explains Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies. “They specialise in dust suppression foam and chemicals.”

“One of the most popular products that we supply for them is the Mine Foam, which is used to spray into areas to make a solid seal to control airflow in underground mining applications. It’s very easy to use and is more efficient that its competitors. Carroll Engineering always keeps this product in stock, and operators usually let us know how much they use a month so we can arrange to have regular shipments sent to them around their schedule.”

Dust control in mines

Mine dust suppression controls the flow of dust generated during mine processes to improve the breathable atmosphere and reduce the risk of fire, making this product vital for safety.

MINETECH Polyurethane systems for mining

Other MINETECH Quaker Chemical products include the polyurethane mine foam spray and silicate systems for consolidation and preventing water infiltration of unstable ground conditions, such as the MINETECH™ PUR 70, MINETECH AQUASIL and MINETECH™ FOAMSIL.

For more information about dust suppression solutions or to purchase Quaker Chemical Q-Foam for your project, call Carroll Technologies at 606-573-1000 or send an inquiry here.c

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Pyott Boone (PBE Axell) Leaky Feeder Communication Systems

Mine worker using PBE Axell leaky feeder communication system

Pyott Boone (PBE Axell), experts in data and communications infrastructure, offers customizable systems that provide clear two-way radio communication and high-speed data transfer capabilities.

Pyott Boone, or PBE Axell, offers a wide range of leaky feeder systems. From conventional leaky feeder systems to a CMTS system, permanent radiating cable network or hybrid networks, PBE designed and tested communication systems ensure efficient above and underground communication.

“The leaker feeder system is the foundation of other products that can be built on by Pyott Boone,” explains Allen Haywood, president of mining safety and communication equipment distributor Carroll Technologies.

“The PBE leaky feeder system consists of giving real-time radio communications throughout the mining operation underground. Other items can be added on top of this, not just radio communication, such as different types of mine monitoring equipment for atmosphere or tracking personnel.”

PBE Axell Leaky Feeder Communication Systems from Carroll Technologies

Carroll Technologies supplies PBE leaker feeder cables such as the (20-00007) and VHF leaky cable (20-00008).

Other leaky feeder units include the MPS-110 power supply (mps1104100011), amplifiers with tracking (bda-4ut-lmr), control room equipment (cr-equipment), joiner boxes (01-20006-lmr), Yagi antennas (175-0001-161) and couplers (01-20106-l), as well as connectors (22-00046), headend balancers (1968), termination boxes (01-20010-P) and Motorola batteries (NNTN4497CR).

With a comprehensive range of leaky feeder cables and system units, Carroll Technologies can supply fully-customized Pyott Boone (PBE Axell) systems for any operation or site requirement.

Carroll is also a factory-certified repair center for PBE equipment and stocks a range of replacement products, ensuring that your communication system is always running efficiently and provides you with a long service life.

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Safety advantages of high-performance synthetic rope in mining

Samson Rope technologies in mining

Carroll Technologies Group, looking to promote the benefits of high-performance synthetic rope to the US mining industry, recently became a distribution partner for Samson, the leading manufacturer of high-performance synthetic ropes.

Regional sales manager Donna Poll said: “Samson is excited about the partnership with Carroll Technologies Group. They are safety-based, and the products we make can significantly contribute to safer mining operations.”

Samson has been manufacturing rope for over 140 years and creates its rope from multiple fibres, including high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE), such as Dyneema® by DSM, which is among the strongest fibres in the world.

A key selling point for high-performance synthetic rope over wire (or metallic) alternatives is that synthetics are the same strength but only about one-seventh the weight for equivalent diameters. That makes synthetic rope safer to handle, and increases efficiency related to time to rig and personnel required.

Describing the safety improvement for miners, Poll said: “When wire rope breaks there’s a danger of damaging the surrounding area and people. Synthetic rope has much more predictable recoil properties.”

Synthetic rope safety advantages

Synthetic rope can be more expensive than steel, initially, but, as Poll puts it: “The cost advantages realised with increased efficiency and the safety factor cannot be discounted. You can’t put a price on safety.”

Working together, Carroll Technologies Group and Samson provide a complete solution for customers, as well as strong after-sales support.

Poll said: “We have a team of engineers who help support the sales effort. There’s a synergy with Carroll’s solutions-based approach.”

Samson is particularly pleased to be working with Carroll Technologies Group on continuing to expand the use of synthetic rope in the metal and non-metal side of the mining industry in the east and southern basin of the US, having already seen widespread adoption of the product in the coal industry.

Asked what the main benefits are of synthetic rope, Poll says: “It’s safer, lighter, faster and easier.”

The safety benefits are two-fold: first, because synthetic rope is so much lighter, there is less likelihood of sprain and strain injuries for those handling it. Second, recoil (what happens when a rope breaks) is more predictable.

Polls said: “When wire rope breaks, it snaps back in an uncontrolled manner and creates metal shrapnel that can damage or destroy anything that gets in its way. Due to its inherently torque neutral construction and low stretch, a high performance synthetic rope allows for a more controlled and predictable release of energy should it part.”

Using synthetic rope leads to overall savings because it is so much lighter than wire. “If you are recovering a piece of equipment that’s stuck and weighs 300,000 pounds, the wire rope required is going to require a few people and a small crane to get in place. Synthetic rope is much faster to get into place, so downtime is reduced. It’s also easier to use so it improves your efficiency.”

President of Carroll Technologies Group, Allen Haywood, said: “We are excited to be starting this partnership with Samson. It is a unique safety product that fits in well with our focus on safety and enhances our offering.”

View Carroll’s range of Samson rope products in our Online Store.

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Minegrid: High-Strength Geosynthetic Support for Underground Highwalls

What is Geogrid?

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used for terrain and soil stabilization and is commonly used to reinforce underground retaining walls.

With operational and personnel safety being so vital in the underground and mining industries, geosynthetic solutions like geogrid products provide high strength and high quality support.

What is Geogrid Made Of?

Geogrid products are usually made with polymer materials such as polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene or polypropylene.

Huesker’s Minegrid has been manufactured using ultra high-tenacity polyester and features a flame-resistant and anti-static coating for the very best in safety standards when it comes to soil stabilization and retaining wall support.

Minegrid Geosynthetics from Carroll Technologies

Huesker’s Minegrid is available through its North America distributer Carroll Technologies, a leading supplier of mining safety equipment.

“Our clientele have a regular need for Minegrid products for underground and aboveground operations to protect from debris. They’re essential to protect workers and pedestrians,” explains Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood.

“Huesker supplies a lot of other supporting products that we’re excited about distributing; roadbed products, highwall products and other safety products of that nature.”

The low-weight high-strength geosynthetic material has low elongation properties, offering less deformation over time.

Additionally, it is non-corrosive and resistant to chemical degradation.

Minegrid holds debris and waste material, preventing goaf from flooding the working environment. Installing Minegrid optimizes processes, maximizes shareholder value, and improves safety.

A standard Minegrid roll size is 5m by 100m, however narrower and shorter rolls can be provided upon request.

Due to its low weight, it is fast and easy to install for all types of soil stabilization and terrain reinforcement.

Minegrid has been utilized to recover longwalls and support ribs, as well as reinforce highwalls in mines and underground tunnels.

Having been used by the industry since 1994, it is proven to be effective even in extreme conditions, with an unequalled safety record.

Carroll Technologies has provided mining equipment to more than 800 mines across the US and offers its customers industry-leading 24/7 Miner Care support, including on-call technical support, factory-certified repair, and rapid response safety compliance.

Factory-authorized repair centres extend the service-life of support products, improving safety and the value of your investment.

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Ensuring Clear and Undistorted Underground Communication: The Model 112 Page Boss Mine Phone

Mine operative using the model 112 page boss mine phone

Ensuring clear and undistorted underground communication available from Carroll Technologies include:

Carroll Technologies is a trusted and leading supplier of Page Boss phones across North America, having delivered safety equipment to more than 800 mines in the US for more than 30 years.

The Page Boss Model 112 Series comprises the Model 112 Gen II, Model 112, and Model 112RS. Based on Pyott-Boone’s design experience, the Page Boss series offer a proven, robust and economical design.

Weighing just 11lbs, it is lightweight, easy to use, and offers variety with adjustable volume controls, as well as both paging and semi-private communication.

“The Pyott-Boone phone is a unit that has been in service for many years. It’s proven in the mining industry,” explains Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood.

“We stock a lot of these units and similar products, and we can customize them with a dialling pad or a warning light.”

Page Boss phones deliver clear and undistorted communication across an entire pager system and are compatible with all two-wire, 12VDC page phones available to the mining and underground tunnelling industry.

The Page Boss phone series are enclosed in NEMA 4X rated polycarbonate resin and feature a combination handle handset hanger and mounting bracket.

In order to engage the paging function on all standard models, users hold down both the page switch and the handset switch simultaneously. For the semi-private conversation capability, users press the headset switch only. An inter-face unit is available to connect the pager phone network to leaky feeder radio systems.

Pyotte-Boone, now PBE Axell’s products supplied through Carroll Technologies are fully MSHA approved and covered by MinerCare 24/7, which provides round the clock technical support, an extensive spare-parts inventory, and factory-authorized repair at 13 Carroll support centers across the US.