America’s leading supplier of electrical and communications equipment to the mining and tunneling industries

Carroll Technologies is an industry-leading supplier of electrical supplies, logistics expertise and systems capabilities across the mining and tunnelling industry in North America. It provides a comprehensive range of electrical, industrial and communications products.

Electrical products are essential to maintaining efficient mining operations. Carroll Technologies supplies plugs, receptacles, ground monitors, moulded case circuit breakers, longwall lighting systems, splice kits, fuses, switches, tools, and amp & volt metres. Manufacturers include Eaton/Cutler Hammer, SPX Services, SMC Electrical Products, American Electric Equipment and Bluefield Manufacturing (BMI).

Communication equipment in Carroll Technologies’ vast portfolio includes products manufactured by Lockeed Martin, Pyott-Boone, Becker/Varis and Allen Bradley. Lockeed Martin’s MagneLink is a self-contained, wireless communications system for two-way voice/text communications. MSHA-approved leaky feeder radio communications systems are manufactured by Becker/Varis and supplied through Carroll Technologies, as well as the Minecom system, which is distributed in partnership with Pyott-Boone. Underground communications also include Pyott-Boone’s Page Boss pager telephones and the Comtrol pager phone system.

Carroll Technologies’ Central Communications Centre is an integrated command and control room that combines voice and data communications, as well as location tracking and atmospheric monitoring systems.

Having supplied to and supported more than 800 mines across North America, Carroll Technologies provides a comprehensive range of services, including post-purchase support. Carroll’s support team offers 24/7 MinerCare, as well as maintenance and repairs. Carroll’s rapid response services ensure that safety equipment can be repaired or delivered to a mine in any emergency situation.

Comprehensive training is also provided to our clients to keep staff up to date with the best safety practices and proper procedures.

Carroll Technologies ensures that mining operators choose the most efficient electric and communication equipment for the application and site conditions. Mining consultancy services cover product support, communications network design, factory authorised repair, a service exchange programme and rapid response safety compliance.


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