Protective Industrial Products (PIP USA)

About PIP

PIP USA is an industry leader in the supply of hand protection and PPE products worldwide. Through its network of safety distributors and retailers, they guarantee quality and cost-effective personal safety products for mine workers and dangerous equipment operators. With more than 35 years of experience, a dedicated global workforce exceeding 800 employees, and a comprehensive safety portfolio that has reached more than 4000 customers, PIP has the safety solution for your mine.

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Protective Industrial Products Inc was founded in 1984, where it began as a manufacturer of cotton lisle gloves for the inspection and handling of small parts. Since then, the demand for robust, cost-effective gloves has grown, and the company continued to expand throughout the 90s and early 2000s. By 2009, PIP USA was a $100m company, offering a broad range of protective clothing and hi-vis garments.

In 2011, PIP forayed into the PPE market and expanded its range of eye protection and head protection products. By 2017, PIP was a global leader in hand protection products, and in 2021 stands as a $660m entity with more than 21 locations across the globe.

Product Range

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Catering to industrial, construction, electrical, emergency responders, food processing, and pharmaceutical sectors, PIP provides the breadth of expertise that mine owners look for when protecting their workers.

PIP offers an extensive product range, in addition to custom-made safety solutions. Products include hearing protection, protective clothing, respiratory safety, warning beacons, welding protection, electrical safety and fall protection, as well as extensive eye, foot, hand and head protection products.

Why PIP?

For any mining site, protective equipment is essential. With worker safety being such a high priority, high-quality products are worth the investment. Protective Industrial Products offers a comprehensive range of protective equipment for mines and tunnels, drawing on 35 years of expertise and capabilities gained from acquiring an array of trusted manufacturers.

PIP’s US-based manufacturing facilities provide custom-made safety solutions that are tailored to customer needs. Experienced teams of product managers, specialists and field quality control technicians work together to ensure the highest level of product performance and secure proprietary technologies.

According to Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies: “PIP supplies just about anything that is a personal protective device. It’s a good company that we’ve been relying on for protective equipment for many years.”

Where to Buy

Carroll Technologies provides an extensive range of PIP safety products, working closely with customers to recommend the best solutions for any given application.

For more information about PIP products provided through Carroll Technologies, or to find out what protective solutions are best suited for your mining operation, call Carroll on 606-573-1000.