Choose Carroll Technologies for a wide range of mining and tunnelling products

Carroll Technologies is a comprehensive supplier of mining products, including roof control, conveyor belts/idlers, lubricants, mining cables, ventilation and electronics, as well as lighting products, detection equipment, breathing apparatus and communications devices.

Drawing on its distribution network of more 70 manufactures, Carroll Technologies is equipped to meet the needs of any mining safety issue. Spanning across 13 distribution networks and 800 mines in North America, our services include rapid response safety compliance, a service exchange programme, factory authorised repair and 24/7MinerCare support.

Underground lighting solutions include Northern Light Technologies’ Polaris mining cap lamps, a high-capacity lithium ion battery and LED light, which is cased in a high-impact secured plastic shell. The combination of two light sources combined with its emergency flashing beacon mode provides a minimum output range of 5,000LUX.

Carroll provides a range of conveyor belt products, including the PBE Belt Boss series of belt monitors, which can observe and respond to potentially dangerous events, as well as GORO’s range of conveyor belt fasteners.

Its MSHA-approved Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS) from Matrix Design Group provides tracking, text pager communications and atmospheric monitoring. Carroll also distributes Matrix Design Group’s Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS). Carroll’s Open Protocol Mine-Wide Monitoring System integrates monitoring products for belt/ motor and environmental monitoring, leveraging Rockwell and Allen/Bradley products.

Carroll Technologies has partnered with companies such as Lockeed Martin, Pyott-Boone, Becker/Varis and Allen Bradley to deliver industry leading communications solutions to the mining industry, including leaky feeder radio communications systems, underground communications, central communications centre and voice over IP (VOIP) telephone solutions.

Carroll provides all-around support services, from design to installation, servicing and repair. All products and services are supported by the MineCare 24/7 support team, including technical support, certified repair centres, a spare parts inventory worth more than $7 million, same-day delivery and expert repair services.


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Contact us now for expert advice, an immediate quote and same-day shipping

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