Goro America Conveyor Belt Fastener Products

Carroll Technologies and Goro America have partnered to distribute Goro’s conveyor belt fastener products.

“We’re already a provider of conveyor belt products, such as idlers, rollers and pulleys,” explains Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies. “The Goro product line helps us to establish us as a trusted conveyor belt product provider.”

This product partnership adds Goro to Carroll Technologies growing manufacturer network. “Goro is a well-known company,” Haywood adds. It provides a comprehensive range of conveyor belt fasteners and splicing.

“We’ve known of this company for the last 30 years in the coal industry,” explains Lymann Atkinson, USA and Canada manager for Goro. “They’ve always had a very good reputation and that goes a long way with our customers. Carroll is a really good company.”

Goro conveyor belt products
According to Atkinson: “The main product that they’re going to be distributing is our plate fastener, the Gorflex fastener, and the next product will be the RV6.”

The Gorflex series are plate fasteners which are installed using a range of hand tools and the assistance of power tools. They are also ideal for repairing belt tears. These fasteners offer impact resistance suitable for use with hard rock conveying systems, as well as transportation of gravel, cement, sand and crushed stone. They’re often used by quarries and the coal industry.

The Record V6 (RV6) series is used for mining construction, asphalt and aggregate plant applications. As a complete fastener strip, it is installed across the full width to prevent fastener loss or damage during storage or transportation. The fastener is easily installed using a hammer tool.

Carroll Technologies
Carroll Technologies has a manufacturer network of more than 70 companies and distributes to more than 800 mines across North America. In addition to conveyor belt products, it provides mining safety equipment including communication solutions, monitoring and tracking devices.


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