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Submersible & Dewatering Pumps for Mining and Construction

Submersible pumps for dewatering are essential tools for controlling water at mining sites and preventing flooding.

The demand for underground mine dewatering pumps is growing, especially as mining operations are increasingly digging deeper.

Finding the best submersible pump is no easy task. From electric and portable to deep well varieties, there are a lot of rugged, reliable mining dewatering pumps on the market.

So which pump manufacturers have the answer?

Submersible & Dewatering Pumps from Carroll Technologies

Building on more than 40 years of experience providing mining equipment to more than 800 mines across the US, Carroll Technologies has built a network of manufacturers who provide industry-leading products.

According to Carroll Technologies president, Allen Haywood:

“Carroll provides Equipment Pro pump-turbine systems and different model pumps for different situations around mining facilities, including free-floating pumps and automatic pumps to pump small amounts of water to large amounts of water from ponds and flooding issues. We work hand-in-hand with Equipment Pro to custom-design pumping dewatering solutions for any situation.”

Equipment Pro’s pump vertical turbines and dewatering pumps are designed to handle the tough requirements of industry applications, including mining, chemical and construction.

They have supplied pumping solutions across the US for a comprehensive range of applications, from dewatering to slurry tanks, with vertical turbine pumps that offer excellent corrosion resistance and a long working life.

Carroll also supplies Mefcor’s simple pumping solutions, which offer clog-resistant designs for difficult dewatering applications.

Mefcor dewatering pumps do not require a power source or maintenance, so they are cost-effective and simple to run.

You can also now purchase dewatering submersible pumps from Stancor, a company who have been an industry leader for over 35 years.

First Class Mining Pump Solutions & Support

By purchasing Equipment Pro Mefcor and Stancor submersible pumps from Carroll Technologies, customers gain access to 24/7 MinerCare services, including rapid response to crisis situations and an extensive stock of spare parts.

MinerCare also provides industry-leading technical support, as well as factory-authorized mining equipment repair.

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