High Quality Mining Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Purchasing new equipment for mining and tunnelling operations is never a one-off expenditure. Mining equipment repairs and mining maintenance can prove to be expensive, especially if it involves scheduled downtime or involuntary shutdown.

With this in mind, there should be no room for compromise when it comes to choosing safety and mining maintenance companies to keep operations running smoothly.

All products purchased through Carroll Technologies are covered by the industry-leading MinerCare 24/7 support service, which not only provides around the clock technical support, but also offers factory-authorized mining equipment maintenance and mining repairs.

By offering mining maintenance services that are factory-certified, Carroll ensures that mining equipment is running as it should be, keeping workers safe and getting the most out of your investment.

Factory-Authorized Mining Equipment Repair Services

With certified repair centers for Pyott-Boone, MSA, Eaton, ComTrol, Benshaw and SMC just to name a few, we provide high-quality mine equipment repairs and maintenance.

Factory-authorized equipment repair programs are also available for molded case circuit breakers through Cutler Hammer.

Carroll mining repairs also come with factory-certification so you know that your equipment is running exactly as it should.

By trusting an OEM-certified mining equipment repair specialist, you can rest assured that you will receive quality repairs, that any issues will be identified quickly, and repairs are covered by a warranty.

With factory-authorized mining maintenance, professionals use high-quality parts that reduce the risk of the same issue recurring and leading to more downtime.

MSHA Approved Mining Maintenance and Repairs

We adhere to processes that meet or exceed MSHA specifications to make sure mining operations keep running smoothly and safely.

Mining equipment repairs that meet MSHA requirements ensure that equipment is repaired or rebuilt to MSHA-approved conditions, as well as ensuring that personnel who carry out the repairs are adequately trained.

Get in touch below for more information about the complete range of mining equipment repair and maintenance services available from Carroll Technologies Group.


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Contact us now for expert advice, an immediate quote and same-day shipping

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