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Robust and Reliable Conveyor Belt Systems for Mines and Tunnels

Conveyor Belt Systems for Mines and Tunnels

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “We’re a provider of conveyor belt products, such as idlers, rollers and pulleys. Products such as the Goro product line helps to establish us as a trusted conveyor belt product provider.”

The Goroflex series are plate fasteners that are installed using hand tools and with the assistance of power tools. These fasteners offer impact resistance for hard/abrasive materials, as well as transportation of gravel, cement, sand and crushed stone.

The Record V6 (RV6) series is used for mining and construction applications. As a complete fastener strip, it is installed across the full width to prevent fastener loss or damage during storage or transportation.

Mefcor belt switches are designed to be robust and easy to install on-site. The CS2100 belt switch has a simple mechanism and rigid structure that fits almost any type of belt size.

PBE Electronics provides a range of sensors and monitoring devices for conveyor belt systems. Its BeltBoss solutions can be used as standalone devices or integrated into a wider MineBoss network.

Carroll offers factory-authorized repair and certification through MinerCare 24/7, as well as rapid response for mining emergencies, expert around the clock technical support, an extensive spare parts inventory, and training for equipment from major manufacturers.

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Samson Rope: High-Quality Mining Rope Supplied by Carroll Technologies

“The Samson Rope product has been around for a long time, but has really taken off due to the safety issues of using steel cable and chains. This is a product that is equally as strong, if not stronger, in the same application,” explains Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies.

“When a chain breaks or a cable breaks, it has very serious consequences to anyone near. It can take legs off, it can cause head injuries. It can kill people.”

Carroll Technologies is a supplier of mining safety equipment, including Samson Rope products. According to Haywood: “Samson has built a great relationship and worked very well with us. They stand out above and beyond any other nylon rope type manufacturers. They’re the oldest company with the best reputation and the highest quality product.”

From pre-sale to installation and post-delivery services, Samson is dedicated to maximizing customer investment. To this day, Samson continues to reinvent, refine and optimize their products.

A popular Samson product used in the mining industry is the Panther Recovery Sling. Panther is a high-strength, lightweight low-stretch recovery tow sling. It is designed for maximum safety and reliability for vehicle recovery and mining applications.

The 12-strand multiple grommet rope is manufactured from 100% Dyneema fiber with chafe protection for superior strength and abrasion resistance. It is considerably lighter than Kevlar, wire and chain, requiring less man power and reducing the risk of safety hazards.

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Brattice Ventilation Curtains for Mining and Tunnelling

brattice ventilation curtains for mining

Why Are Ventilation Curtains So Important?

The most common toxic gases in mines are carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as flammable gases such as methane and hydrogen.

The presence of these flammable and toxic gases in mining areas populated with workers or equipment at risk of getting hot or causing sparks can prove fatal.

Methane and coal dust explosions have been the cause of some of the most devastating mining disasters and underground miner fatalities, so quality brattice ventilation curtains are a key priority.

Mining Brattice Curtains from Carroll Technologies

Carroll Technologies, a leading supplier of mining safety equipment for more than 800 mines across the US, offer the industry a range of ventilation solutions.

“Ventilation curtains are provided to us by Bluefield Manufacturing,” explains Carroll president Allen Haywood.

“This product is used in all underground mining applications to properly ventilate, to channel airflow throughout the mine and supply fresh air to areas of the mine that it’s needed and remove contaminated air where it needs to be removed. It’s used in any type of mine that this needs to be accomplished.”

Bluefield’s portfolio of mining ventilation curtains is tear-resistance and designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

The lightweight brattices curtains are manufactured from a woven or double laminate polyethylene material, with customized transparency and material size. Clear brattice material offers greater transparency for safety and heavier material curtains are designed for areas with high volumes of air.