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Leading AMOT Industrial Equipment Safety & Control Valves Distributors in North America

AMOT Model G Rotary Valve for better temperature control

Founded in 1948, AMOT has built a reputation for engineering excellence and innovation. Their control valves are known for their robust design, high performance, and adaptability to various industrial needs. AMOT’s products are widely used in sectors such as oil and gas, marine, power generation, and transportation, where safety and reliability are non-negotiable.

Why AMOT Control Valves?

  1. Durability and Reliability: AMOT control valves are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance even in harsh operating conditions. Their valves undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and customer specifications.
  2. Precision Control: AMOT valves offer precise control over fluid flow, essential for maintaining optimal process conditions. This precision helps in reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and ensuring the safety of operations.
  3. Safety Mechanisms: Safety is at the core of AMOT’s design philosophy. Their valves are equipped with fail-safe mechanisms that automatically shut down systems in case of anomalies, preventing accidents and equipment damage.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: AMOT understands that different industries have unique requirements. Their control valves can be customized to meet specific needs, providing flexibility and enhancing compatibility with existing systems.

Applications of AMOT Control Valves in North America

Mining Industry

In the mining industry, control valves are essential for managing the flow of slurry, water, and other fluids in various processes such as ore extraction, mineral processing, and tailings disposal. AMOT valves are designed to withstand the abrasive and corrosive nature of mining fluids, ensuring reliable operation under extreme conditions. Their precision and durability help maintain optimal process efficiency and safety, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, AMOT’s advanced safety features help prevent hazardous incidents, protecting both equipment and personnel in the demanding mining environment.

Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas sector, control valves are critical for managing the extraction, processing, and transportation of hydrocarbons. AMOT valves are used in various applications, including pressure relief, flow control, and emergency shutdown systems. Their reliability and durability are crucial in preventing spills and ensuring the safety of operations.

Other Heavy Industries

AMOT control valves are extensively used in other heavy industries such as steel manufacturing, chemical processing, and pulp and paper production. These industries require robust and reliable flow control solutions to manage the high pressures and temperatures typical in their operations. AMOT valves ensure precise control over fluid flow, contributing to improved operational efficiency and safety. Their durable construction and advanced safety mechanisms minimize the risk of equipment failure and accidents, helping these industries maintain smooth and uninterrupted production processes.

Where to buy AMOT valves

Carroll Technologies offers a comprehensive range of AMOT valves, ensuring that customers have access to the right products for their specific needs. Carroll Technologies also provides expert advice, technical support, and after-sales service, helping clients optimize their operations and maintain high safety standards.

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Case Study: Why Mine Workers Prefer Buggy Whip Flags for Enhanced Safety

Full LED Buggy Whip, Two Colour LED Buggy Whip and Lit Top Driver Industrial Whip Against a Rugged Mine Backdrop

Background and project scope

The trial aimed to address frequent high-potential incidents involving LVs and heavy mobile equipment (HME). A proposal to trial LED-lit flags was submitted and approved by the Senior Leadership Team, leading to a three-month trial involving various suppliers, including Buggy Whip, Teterin, Fourreal Safety Gear, and Ashdowns.

Worker feedback on Buggy Whip flags

The feedback from mine workers on the Buggy Whip flags was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting their superior visibility and durability compared to other flags tested. Mick North, an Operator Control Engineer (OCE), praised the Buggy Whip flag on LV 801, stating it had the best LED visibility. Similarly, a 24-hour grader operator mentioned that the light was very easy to see from a distance without being overly bright. The dragline crew also noted that the white flag was very easily seen from the dragline when LV 806 was on top of the highwall.

Chris Booth, Curragh Safety Advisor, emphasized that the brightness of the 6ft and 4ft white lights did not impact drivers’ vision nor was it overly bright. Workers appreciated the additional utility of the flags, such as illuminating tools and equipment in the back of vehicles and spotting potential hazards like snakes on the ground. Throughout the trial, no damage or equipment failures were reported for the Buggy Whip flags, indicating their robustness under harsh mining conditions.

Comparative analysis

Other flags trialed included those from Teterin, Fourreal Safety Gear, and Ashdowns, which received mixed to negative feedback. Wayne Robinson, another OCE, reported positive visibility for the Teterin flag but noted an intermittent power issue and a broken flag incident. Danny Boyce, also an OCE and SSHR, appreciated the Teterin flag’s visibility but raised concerns about its durability in the sun and bumpy conditions.

Flags from Fourreal Safety Gear and Ashdowns, which featured LEDs only at the top, were criticized for insufficient brightness and poor mounting bracket quality. Broken flags were commonly reported, highlighting their lack of durability compared to the Buggy Whip flags.


The Buggy Whip flags with the full length LEDs were visible from across the pit during night operations and were given the name “Jedi night sabres’ by the mine workers. These flags stood out for their exceptional visibility, enhancing safety during night operations without causing visual discomfort to drivers.

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Buggy Whip Vs Competitors: Driver Industrial, 5150 Whips, Tribal Whips, Gecko Whips

Buggy Whip at Mine

Investing in high quality safety whips is not just a matter of compliance; it is a critical step in preventing accidents, enhancing operational efficiency, and ultimately protecting lives. With more than 40 years of experience supplying safety solutions to mining customers, Carroll Technologies has searched the market to find the most reliable and versatile safety whips, and Buggy Whip stands out as the clear choice.

Why Buggy Whip?

  • Unlimited customizabiltiy: Any voltage, any height, any color combination
  • Versatility: Optional strobe light, Deutsch connector, and a range of mounting solutions for every vehicle
  • Brightness and lifesaving visibility: The only company to declare its Lumen output. Up to 26,400 Lumen for its brightest option
  • Seamless and stable illumination: Buggy Whip does not use LED strips that leave gaps or flicker
  • Strength and rigidity: Stainless steel and polymer coatings designed for extreme conditions
  • Durability: UV and water resistant for quality that does not fade over time

Customization and versatility

One area that Buggy Whip really shines is in its customizability, ensuring that customers can find the right combination that meets their needs. Providing standard or bright LED, customizable height between 1inch and 12ft, and any color (including color combinations, such as white at the base and green at the top), Buggy Whip also offers a range of base adaptors and accessories, such as flags and top lights.

This flexibility is a significant advantage over major competitors such as Driver Industrial, which offers limited color options (amber and green) and fewer voltage choices. Gecko Whips, despite its prominence in international markets, also does not match the level of customization and quality provided by Buggy Whip.

Standing strong in harsh mining environments

Buggy Whip company president Russell Porter spoke with customers about their experiences with other brands: “One of the complaints we’ve seen is about strength. On the West Coast, such as in California, Nevada, and Arizona, they often don’t often remove the whips off the truck, and when they drive down the road at high speeds, the product flops over because it’s not rigid enough. It bends and flexes, and although it doesn’t necessarily stay in that position, it doesn’t return to its original form. When they are installing our competitors’ whips, they’re needing to add stronger pieces, like polycarbonate or Lexan tubes, to make them more rigid.”

Buggy Whip products are designed to withstand the harshest environments and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are extremely reliable and do not bend of snap. Flexible, durable, and resistant to all types of damage, Buggy Whip products meet military specifications and provide unmatched performance in industries from mining to offroad sand sports.

In comparison, Driver Industrial, 5150 Whips, Tribal Whips and Gecko Whips cannot match this level of quality and durability. Whether it comes down to inferior materials (including lower quality fiberglass) or narrower shafts that are more prone to breakage, the competition cannot withstand the same environments or damage.

Brightness and visibility

Visibility is crucial for safety, especially in industrial and off-road environments. Competitors such as Driver Industrial and 5150 Whips have gaps in their LED wraps, leading to inconsistent brightness and potential flickering. Buggy Whip ensures even brightness with a fully sealed LED design, eliminating these issues.

Customers can choose between a range of Lumen outputs, which is influenced by both the brightness level and the color that they select. LED Lumen output for white on the standard Buggy Whip LED Whip is 1100 Lumen per foot, so a 12ft standard white Buggy Whip LED whip would be 13,200 Lumen. For the Bright Buggy Whip LED Whip, it is 2200 Lumen per foot, so a 12ft Bright white Buggy Whip LED whip would be an impressive 26,400 Lumen.

Weather and wear resistance

Buggy Whip’s products are designed to resist harsh weather conditions and wear over time. They use 316 stainless steel for the base and a polymer coating that is UV-resistant, chemical-resistant, and flame-retardant, ensuring the whips do not yellow or deteriorate.

In contrast, Driver Industrial’s whips, which use a standard fiberglass shaft with a steel base, are prone to rust and lack UV protection, leading to yellowing and damage over time. Similarly, 5150 Whips uses clear PVC shrink tubing that is not UV-resistant, resulting in yellowing and potential damage from moisture ingress. Buggy Whip’s superior materials and design ensure long-lasting performance even in extreme conditions.

Ease of use and installation

Ease of installation and use is another area where Buggy Whip excels. Their quick-release mechanism allows users to attach and detach the whips without disconnecting wires, enhancing convenience and efficiency. In contrast, 5150 Whips uses a magnetic base that can attract dirt and debris, potentially affecting the connection quality. Buggy Whip’s design ensures secure attachment and reliable performance, even in challenging conditions.

Deutsch connectors have grown in popularity for use with whips as they are waterproof and protect against dust, dirt, and salt spray, however they additional wires add complexity when connecting and disconnecting the whip. While competitors such as Driver International provide these as standard, Buggy Whip keeps these connectors optional, adding a further layer of customizability.

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Agriculture & Forestry Safety Equipment & Supplies

Man using chainsaw in a tree wearing fall protection harness and PPE

Agriculture and forestry safety equipment is crucial, as workers are frequently exposed to risks such as machinery accidents, falls, chemical exposure, and extreme weather conditions. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), agriculture employees accounts for a significant share of occupational fatalities and injuries. Similarly, forestry work, often conducted in remote and challenging environments, presents unique safety challenges.

Effective safety measures are not only vital for protecting workers but also for maintaining productivity and sustainability. Injuries and accidents can lead to significant downtime, increased costs, and legal repercussions, emphasizing the need for robust safety protocols and equipment. Safety regulations in agriculture and forestry are continuously evolving to address emerging risks and technological advancements. Organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) play pivotal roles in setting and updating safety standards. Recent regulatory trends emphasize the importance of training and education, mandating that workers are well-versed in the use of safety equipment and emergency procedures.

Carroll Technologies offers a range of safety solutions that are used in agriculture and forestry sectors:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Two hard hats stacked with a blurred forestry background

  • Hard Hats and Helmets: Essential for protecting workers from head injuries caused by falling objects or low-hanging branches.
  • Safety Glasses and Face Shields: These provide eye protection from debris, chemicals, and other hazards commonly encountered in agricultural and forestry work.
  • Respirators and Masks: Useful for protecting workers from dust, pesticides, and other airborne contaminants.
  • Protective Gloves: Including options for electrical safety, cold conditions, and general hand protection to prevent cuts and abrasions.
  • Steel-Toed Boots: To protect feet from heavy falling objects and sharp tools.

Fall Protection

Tree climber with fall protection gear

  • Harnesses and Lifelines: Vital for tasks performed at heights, such as tree trimming or working on elevated platforms.
  • Safety Nets and Guardrails: Provide additional protection against falls in work areas with unprotected edges.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression system

  • Automatic fire suppression systems and Honeywell fire suppression solutions are crucial for managing fire risks in areas where flammable materials are present, such as in forestry operations or storage facilities for agricultural chemicals.

Lighting and Visibility Tools

Vision X forestry lighting

  • High-quality lighting solutions improve visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety during early morning or late evening operations.

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling in a forestry setting

  • Proper handling equipment such as conveyor belts, cranes, and hoists ensures safe and efficient transportation and storage of materials, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries.

Carroll Technologies also provides robust support services, including 24/7 technical support, repairs, and training to ensure that all safety equipment remains functional and workers are well-prepared to use them effectively.

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Forklift Impact Monitoring Systems

ELOKON ELOfleet forklift impact monitoring

Forklift impact monitoring systems are sophisticated technologies designed to detect, record, and analyze collisions and impacts involving forklifts. These systems typically include a combination of sensors, data loggers, and software that work together to provide real-time monitoring and detailed reports on forklift activity.

Benefits of forklift impact monitoring systems

1. Enhanced Safety

Accident prevention: By monitoring and analyzing impact data, these systems help identify high-risk areas and behaviors. This enables proactive measures to prevent accidents.

Real-time alerts: Immediate notifications of impacts allow for quick responses to potential injuries or damage, minimizing the risk to workers.

2. Operational and cost efficiency

Reduced downtime: Prompt detection of impacts can prevent further damage to forklifts and infrastructure, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Improved training: Data from impact monitoring systems can be used to identify operators who may need additional training or corrective action, leading to safer and more efficient operation.

Lower repair costs: By identifying and addressing issues early, businesses can reduce the costs associated with repairs and replacements of damaged equipment and infrastructure.

3. Accountability and compliance

Operator accountability: Detailed impact reports can help track operator performance, encouraging responsible and careful use of equipment.

Regulatory compliance: Monitoring systems can assist in ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.

Choosing the right forklift impact monitoring system

A lot has to be considered when choosing forklift monitoring system: can it be easily integrated into your facility? Is it scalable? Does it offer the customizability that your site requires?

Carroll Technologies has partnered with ELOKON to provide state-of-the-art, user-friendly forklift management tools. ELOKON’s range of safety platforms, including ELOfleet Smart, the world’s most app-centric fleet management system, provide streamlined access control, safety checklists, impact monitoring and fleet performance data.

To promote safer driving habits, manage incidents more effectively, and cut the frequency and cost of forklift accidents, ELOfleet records impacts with a state-of-the-art MEMS sensor and categorizes them by severity. The system can react automatically in a variety of configurable ways, based on the severity of the impact. For instance, the system can slow the vehicle down to creep speed.

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Forklift Pedestrian Detection Systems for Enhanced Safety in Distribution and Warehousing Operations

Forklift pedestrian safety

As companies strive to balance efficiency with worker safety, technological advancements play a pivotal role in mitigating risks. Among these innovations, Elokon’s forklift pedestrian detection systems stand out as a critical solution for enhancing safety in warehousing and distribution operations.

Forklift Safety Systems: Elokon specializes in advanced safety solutions designed to prevent accidents between forklifts and pedestrians in warehouses and industrial settings. These systems use sophisticated sensors and technology to detect the presence of individuals around the machinery, alerting operators to potential hazards.

Proximity Detection and Alert Solutions: Through the use of wearable technology for workers and sensor-based systems installed on forklifts, Elokon’s solutions provide real-time alerts to both pedestrians and drivers, minimizing the risk of collisions.

Data Analytics for Safety Enhancement: Elokon’s systems are not just reactive; they also collect and analyze data on near-misses and safety incidents. This data is crucial for understanding risk patterns and improving workplace safety protocols.

Custom Safety Consultations: Understanding that each warehouse or distribution center has unique challenges, Elokon offers consultation services to tailor their safety solutions to specific operational needs, ensuring that the integration of their systems maximizes safety without compromising efficiency.

Training and Support: Beyond just providing hardware and software, Elokon offers comprehensive training for staff and ongoing support to ensure that their safety systems are used effectively, maintaining a high standard of safety long after installation.

Integrating Elokon’s pedestrian detection systems into existing warehouse operations is straightforward, thanks to their compatibility with a wide range of forklift models and their ease of installation. The impact of implementing such systems is profound, offering not just a reduction in accidents but also contributing to a culture of safety within the workplace. Employees feel more secure, knowing that proactive measures are in place to protect them, which can also lead to increased productivity and morale.

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Alemite Vs Balcrank Fluid Management Solutions

Balcrank fluid management solutions

Alemite overview

Alemite is renowned for its high-quality lubrication equipment and fluid handling systems. Founded in 1918, Alemite has consistently innovated, ensuring its products meet the rigorous demands of various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Alemite offers a range of pumps, meters, reels, grease guns and accessories. Its diaphragm pumps and piston pumps are particularly noted for their durability and efficiency, making them suitable for high-volume operations. Alemite’s automatic systems are designed to deliver precise lubrication, reducing downtime and extending equipment life. These systems are customizable, allowing for tailored solutions that fit specific operational needs.

Alemite also provides advanced monitoring systems that track fluid usage and system performance. These systems help businesses optimize their lubrication processes, reducing waste and operational costs.

Balcrank overview

Balcrank, established in 1906, is known for its innovative designs and robust products, Balcrank serves a diverse range of industries, including automotive, industrial, and heavy-duty sectors.

Balcrank’s pumps are designed for efficiency and reliability. Its latest innovations include high-pressure grease pumps and medium-pressure oil pumps, catering to various industrial needs. Its hose reels are engineered for durability and ease of use, including its heavy-duty models, which are particularly popular in industrial settings where robustness and reliability are paramount.

The company’s advanced control systems allow for precise tracking of fluid usage, integrating with existing ERP systems for streamlined operations. These systems are crucial for businesses looking to enhance accountability and reduce fluid-related expenses.

Alemite Vs Balcrank

Both Alemite and Balcrank excel in innovation, though they focus on slightly different areas. Alemite’s strength lies in its comprehensive lubrication systems and the integration of advanced monitoring technologies. Balcrank, on the other hand, emphasizes robust fluid control systems and seamless integration with business management software.

Alemite offers a broader range of automatic lubrication systems, catering to various specific needs with customizable options. Balcrank provides a wider selection of hose reels and metering devices, emphasizing durability and ease of use. Depending on a business’s specific requirements—whether it’s more automated lubrication or robust control and dispensing systems—one may find a more tailored solution with either Alemite or Balcrank.


Choosing between Alemite and Balcrank ultimately depends on the specific needs of a business. Alemite’s strengths lie in its comprehensive lubrication systems and advanced monitoring capabilities, making it ideal for industries where precision and customization are paramount. Balcrank, with its durable pumps, hose reels, and fluid control systems, is well-suited for heavy-duty applications and businesses looking for robust, reliable equipment.

Carroll Technologies provides solutions from both brands, ensuring that customers get the best fluid management solution no matter their needs.

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How ELOKON and Carroll Technologies’ Strategic Distribution Partnership Will Enhance Industrial Safety

ELOKON brings to the table its world-class portfolio of forklift safety systems, designed to protect personnel, assets, and infrastructure in challenging industrial environments. Carroll Technologies, with its long history serving the mining and industrial sectors across North America, offers an extensive network and unparalleled expertise in delivering high-quality safety solutions. Together, the partnership delivers comprehensive, cutting-edge safety technologies to a diverse range of industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, mining, construction, and steel.

The partnership is expected to leverage both companies’ strengths: ELOKON’s technological innovation and Carroll Technologies’ extensive sales, service, and support network. This synergy will enable the delivery of comprehensive safety solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide array of industrial environments. From collision avoidance systems and speed and zone control to sophisticated fleet management solutions, the partnership promises to equip businesses with the tools they need to ensure a safer, more efficient operation.

Automating forklift fleet management

ELOKON specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of safety and assistance systems tailored for forklift fleets, aiming to enhance operational safety and efficiency in various industrial settings. Their product range encompasses advanced collision avoidance systems that leverage sensor technology to alert operators of potential hazards, thereby preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel and infrastructure. ELOKON also offers innovative solutions for speed and zone control, automatically adjusting vehicle behavior based on its location within the facility to create safer operational environments. Beyond safety measures, their portfolio includes fleet management solutions designed to offer insights into vehicle usage, maintenance needs, and operational efficiency, enabling businesses to optimize their material handling operations. ELOKON’s commitment to innovation extends to their automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), which represent the cutting edge in automation, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and reliability for moving goods through complex environments. Alongside their product offerings, ELOKON provides customizable solutions and comprehensive support and training services, ensuring that their clients can maximize the benefits of their systems while catering to specific operational requirements.

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Mine Collapses in Canada: Preventative Safety Solutions

Inside of a mine with some signs of roof collapse

Understanding the causes of mine collapses

Geological instability: Natural faults, rock bursts, and seismic activity can cause sudden collapses.

Human error: Inadequate planning, poor management, and insufficient training can lead to dangerous working conditions.

Equipment failure: Malfunctioning or poorly maintained equipment can contribute to structural failures.

Water ingress: Water can weaken mine structures, leading to collapses.

Preventative safety solutions

Advanced geotechnical monitoring systems can provide real-time data on the stability of mine structures. These systems use sensors to detect ground movement, stress changes, and seismic activity. By continuously monitoring these parameters, mine operators can identify potential risks before they lead to a collapse.

For continuous rock monitoring, Carroll Technologies supplies the SMI Miner’s Helper Extensometer. This two-point extensometer utilizes a reflectorized rod which activates when a user-defined amount of movement occurs. The Miner’s Helper Remote Readable Roof Monitor enables users to gather this data remotely, collecting data in the rib box and indicating when user-defined movement occurs using a flashing LED light.

Effective communication systems are also vital for coordinating safety efforts and ensuring that all miners are aware of potential hazards. Modern communication technologies, such as underground Wi-Fi and emergency broadcast systems, can provide real-time updates and alerts. These systems ensure that miners can quickly evacuate in the event of an emergency.

The Pyott-Boone Electronics (PBE) Page Boss mine page phone series offers some of the most advanced and rugged communications solutions for underground mining available on the market. PBE’s Leaky Feeder System can be customized for a mine’s requirements to ensure that radio coverage and data communication is optimized, ensuring maximized productivity and safety. Carroll Technologies also provides fully customized radio communication networks in collaboration with ICOM, which has been supplying rugged two-way radio products across the world for more than 50 years.

Ensuring that all mining equipment is regularly maintained and upgraded is critical to preventing mechanical failures. Carroll Technologies’ MinerCare 24/7 is the most comprehensive product support service in the mining industry. MinerCare offers around-the-clock technical assistance, as well as rapid response to emergency situations- supporting more than 800 mines with an extensive spare parts inventory. Carroll also performs factory-authorized repair and certification, maximizing the value of customer investment.

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Wilden vs SAMOA Industrial Pumps

Samoa air operated double diaphragm pump

SAMOA Industrial is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of lubrication and fluid handling equipment, as well as a range of industrial pumps, including air-operated diaphragm pumps. SAMOA pumps are recognized for their high quality, durability, and performance in industrial applications.

Wilden is also known for its air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps that are suitable for a variety of applications, including handling difficult substances like chemicals, slurries, and abrasive or viscous fluids.

Performance comparison

When comparing the performance of Wilden and SAMOA pumps, several factors come into play, such as flow rates, efficiency, and the ability to handle various types of fluids. Wilden pumps generally offer excellent variability in flow rates and pressure options, making them suitable for a broad range of applications. However, SAMOA pumps excel in terms of energy efficiency and overall performance stability, particularly in continuous-duty applications.

Durability is a critical factor in industrial settings. Both Wilden and SAMOA manufacture pumps that are designed to withstand challenging environments and continuous usage. However, SAMOA pumps have a slight edge due to their construction and ease of maintenance, which is a crucial factor in minimizing downtime and extending the lifecycle of the equipment.

Conclusion: Which brand offers superior industrial pumps?

Both Wilden and SAMOA provide high-quality and efficient solutions for various industrial pumping needs. Wilden pumps are highly versatile and reliable, but when considering overall efficiency, ease of maintenance, and durability, SAMOA pumps emerge as the better option. SAMOA’s focus on high-performance engineering and simpler maintenance requirements provide substantial long-term benefits, making them the preferred choice in environments where operational efficiency and pump uptime are paramount.

SAMOA’s innovative Pivot Universal Pumps (UP) are AODD positive displacement pumps. They have two pumping sections, with each side featuring a liquid and air chamber that are divided by a diaphragm. The diaphragms are connected to a shaft, and during one pumping stroke, fluid is suctioned into one liquid chamber while simultaneously the fluid in the opposite liquid chamber is discharged. The new SAMOA Pivot UP introduces a unique frictionless Pivot-Shaft Air Valve to provide maximum performance and energy efficiency, which exceeds market expectations.

Finding the right mining pump is not a simple “add to basket purchase”, so Carroll Technologies supports its customers to find the right product, whether it involves a simple application or a fully customized pump network.