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High Speed S-1000

The ventilation of a mine system needs to be monitored and managed regularly, and a tool such as an anemometer is vital in doing so. These small, portable devices use wind velocity to measure the volume of air entering and exiting the mine shaft, ensuring there is enough airflow to prevent the accumulation of dangerous gases. Anemometers for use in mines and tunnelling not only keeps workers safe from harm, but maximizes a mine’s efficiency by providing a comprehensive overview of the ventilation system.

Anemometers for use in mines and tunnelling: testing air quality

Using an anemometer is one of the easiest ways to test air quality in a mine, and can be used to select appropriate ventilation equipment as well as ensure worker safety. They’re perfect for both quick ad-hoc checks and long term monitoring of airspaces, requiring minimal technical understanding to operate. In addition to measuring airflow, multi-functional anemometers can also measure factors such as temperature and humidity. Heat management in a mine must be closely monitored and maintained at all times, to minimize discomfort to personnel and prevent temperature damage to equipment.

We offer additional repairs and services for all anemometers purchased through Carroll Technologies Group. As leaders of the North American mining products and services industry, over 800 mines across the continent rely on us every day for all of their service and supply needs. Customers of Carroll Technologies Group can also reach out to our MinerCare 24/7™ team, who are always on hand to supply the most comprehensive support available to mining companies.

Superior Technologies supply us with the ST-1000 Vane Anemometers, portable models ideal for carrying on hand to monitor air quality between mining sites. Intrinsically safe and available in both low and high-speed formats, they each boast a +/- accuracy of 2%. The low-speed model can provide readings of 40-5000 FPM, while the high-speed model ranges from 200-8000 FPM. Measuring only four inches in diameter, they’re easily transported around any mining facility.

The ST-1000’s are calibrated with NIST traceable technology, with custom calibration available on request. Internally constructed using the highest grade brass and stainless steel available, the exterior is constructed from CNC machined 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum. This can be customized with a range of engravings and anodized colors depending on individual business needs, and provides excellent protection from even the harshest elements. An 8-inch extension handles are also an option, custom tailored and available in two sizes, as is a useful water resistant and dust proof carry case.

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