Page Boss Family

PBE Axell

Model 119 Page Boss

  • Low cost and stock available
  • Simple and fast solution that provides clear and undistorted communication
  • No need for external power due to 12V battery included
  • Easily repaired or serviced through Carroll's in-house technicians
  • Made in the USA

Price: $906.00

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Product info: Model 119 Page Boss

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  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Price: $906.00

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Proven solid state design Economical design Lightweight, easy to carry Standardized PAGE BOSSTM printed circuit board Adjustable volume control Size: 12”h X 7-3/4”w x 6-1/2”d (30.5 cmH X 19.5 cmW X 16.5 cmD) Weight: 11 pounds (5 kilograms) Power Source: 12 VDC battery NEDA 926 (unless otherwise specified) Power Requirements: Standby– 0 milliamps, page amplifier– […]

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