Dimex Conductive Matting

Dimex Conductive Matting: Protection from electrical static for workers and equipment

Dimex provides a comprehensive range of uniquely manufactured matting solutions for industrial applications, including the mining and tunnelling industry. Within this range of products are the Dimex Conductive Matting solutions, which are engineered and tested to drain static electricity from workers, preventing damage to individuals as well as vulnerable electronic equipment.

Protecting against electric static is essential for the safety of workers and equipment at mining sites. According to Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies: “Wherever there are motor control centers or switchgears, there needs to matting down to protect the operator so that they’re not connected to ground.

“Dimex supplies reliable products and they have been a very reliable company. We always make sure to keep their products in stock.”

The Dimex conductive matting is made in the US and offers surface resistivity of 106 OHMS and is tested to ESD-S7.1 2001. It is available with a smooth or diamond surface. A conductive runner with a diamond embossed top surface allows for traction from any direction and accommodates rolling carts.

Carroll Technologies has more than 30 years of experience providing safety and electrical equipment to more than 800 mines in the US. Customers who purchase Dimex products through Carroll can utilize the industry-leading support services of MinerCare 24/7, including technical support, emergency response, spare parts and factory-authorized repair. Dimex has been a leading manufacturer of recycled PVC and TPE components for more than 25 years, and has developed strategic partnerships with customers to manufacture matting solutions for various industries.

For more information about Dimex products, or to purchase safety and electrical solutions for your mining project, call Carroll Technologies for a quote on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.


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