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Underground Mining Communications Products

We understand that mining operations pose a unique set of communication challenges. Linking the operations and safety staff above ground to miners deep underground in remote locations is its own significant obstacle.

But the obstacles become more daunting when you add in the requirement to monitor potentially dangerous atmospheric conditions and provide position tracking for miners as well as equipment. These are stringent requirements where only the best will do.

mining communication products and systems

That’s why over 800 mines turn to Carroll Technologies Group for their integrated underground communication system needs.

Carroll Technologies Group partners with the leading companies like Lockeed Martin, Pyott-Boone, Becker/Varis, Allen Bradley and others to deliver state-of-the-art communications solutions to the mining industry.

All products delivered by Carroll Technologies Group are backed by Miner Care 24/7™ service and support.

Featured Communications Solutions:


  • Self-contained, wireless communications system for two-way voice and text communications
  • Network reach to distances in excess of 1500′
  • No in-mine infrastructure or cables required
  • Contained in an explosion proof enclosure
  • Safe to be placed near refuge chambers and mine working areas
  • Capable of interfacing with miners’ hand-held emergency radios

Leaky Feeder Radio Communications Systems

  • Provide wireless radio communications both above and below the ground
  • More resistant to damage and provide better clarity and coverage, hence superior to traditional antennas for mining applications

Our Leaky Feeder Communication Systems from Becker/Varis and the Minecom system distributed in partnership with Pyott-Boone enable mining companies to realize savings and a lower overall cost of ownership through efficient engineering. Customers choose these systems for MSHA communications mandates but as an effective, efficient production tool as well. That’s why we can point to more installed systems in the U.S.A.

Underground Communications

Carroll Technologies Group works in partnership with Pyott-Boone to offer:

Central Communications Center

  • Our mining central communications center offers an integrated command and control room that ties together voice and data communications, location tracking and atmospheric monitoring systems
  • Architecture provides a fully redundant set of command posts capable of acting independently in the event of an emergency or catastrophe.
  • Transmit images, commands, and sounds from the individual control room command consoles (e.g. communication status, location tracking, environmental monitoring, and other control systems) of the connected mines to the Center.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephone Solution

  • Rich and flexible features designed specifically for the mining industry with features such as voicemail, conference calling, call queuing, system wide paging and call detail records for your underground operation as well as offices

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