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Mining operations require constant, vigilant monitoring from several different perspectives. Monitoring the complex series of belts and motor controls across long distances that bring the coal from deep underground to load-out facilities on the surface is a practical necessity. Monitoring remote watering and dewatering pumps also is critical to maintaining the constant flow of coal to the surface. Any interruption or anomaly in these processes can shut down the process, costing the mine operators thousands of dollars.

That’s why Carroll Technologies Group brings a wide variety of monitoring solutions to its 800+ customers all across North America.

Here’s a small sample of the monitoring solutions we provide as well as more solutions further below. Contact Us now to learn about our full suite of monitoring products or to request literature.

Atmospheric Monitoring, Belt Monitoring and Fire Suppression Solutions

Carroll Technologies Group offers the best products available for atmospheric monitoring, conveyor and motion monitoring from Pyott-Boone. Atmospheric monitoring systems detect and alert to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and more.  For belt monitoring and other applications, the top of the line, dependable Belt Boss series is offered in various models and configurations capable of handling fire suppression, dust suppression, conveyor sequencing and other sensor devices.

Carroll Technologies Group’s outstanding track record of sales and service success with these products is why we have been named Pyott-Boone’s “Distributor of the Year” repeatedly during our 30+ year history. Backed by MinerCare 24/7 support, you can count on us for excellent, factory authorized repairs and servicing.

Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS)

Carroll Technologies Group features the Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS) from Matrix Design Group, the only CO monitoring system with MSHA approval.  This is a key part of both your MSHA compliance strategy as well as a practical solution to protect your people and your investments. The AMS also complements the Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS)  to offer an integrated, multi-purpose solution. AMS from Carroll Technologies Group uses advanced-technology sensors for monitoring that cut the maintenance and support costs while keeping operations safe and secure. Wired or wireless sensors send data to AMS control consoles that provide alerts when calibration or maintenance is needed.

Open Protocol Mine-Wide Monitoring System (OPMMS)

The Open Protocol Mine-Wide Monitoring System only from Carroll Technologies integrates a variety of individual monitoring products for belt/ motor operations as well as environmental monitoring into a complete command, control and monitoring solution for coal mine operators. The OPMMS leverages Rockwell and Allen/Bradley products for monitoring:

  • PLC Equipment like Belt Starters, Motor Control Centers,  Load-out Facilities
  • Environmental Monitoring using 4-20ma Devices
  • Miner and Longwall Control Centers
  • Belt Monitoring, Control and Diagnostics
  • Fan Locations
  • Remote Watering and De-Watering Pump Monitoring and Control

The OPMMS links any or all of these sub systems on a fiber-optic network, providing system operators a “single pane of glass” view to monitor all mine operations.

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