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High-Quality Pumps for Mining & Industrial Applications

There is no one-size fits all pump solution for mining or industrial applications.

From light-weight submersible industrial pumps for dewatering to heavy-duty centrifugal mining pumps for silt and sludge, mining operations are continually fighting against harsh environments both above and below ground.

mining pump solutions

With the removal or redirecting of water, mud and slurry being essential to keep production running smoothly, it is important for mines to carefully consider which industrial mining pumps they should invest in to ensure that it is tailored to the application.

But where to start with such a crowded market?

Pump Manufacturers for the Mining Industry

As experts in mining equipment, Carroll Technologies has done the research for you.

Proven to be industry pump distributor leaders with its extensive range of valves, pumps, mixers and tanks, as well as pump parts, instrumentation and complete designed pumping systems, Equipment Pro can supply rugged pump solutions for any mining application.

Among its portfolio is the Equipment Pro no-seal pump, which is designed as a unique bypass/pressure break area and slinger that confines leakage to the area below the discharge head.

The benefit of this industrial pump is that it eliminates the potential for fluid contamination and all bearings and parts are lubricated by the fluid being pumped. It doesn’t require a conventional leaking packing box or mechanical seal, as well as no field adjustment or maintenance.

Other mining pump manufacturers include Mefcor, which supplies simple, clog-resistant industrial pumps for difficult dewatering applications. As its nylon-bristled drive wheel taps do not require a power source, running costs and maintenance are minimal. You can also find a fantastic range of pumps from Stancor, who have been industry leading specialists for over 35 years.

Our range of top quality mining pumps and equipment includes:

Customised Solutions from Your Pump Distributor

Finding the right mining pump is not a simple “add to basket purchase”, so Carroll Technologies supports its customers to find the right product, whether it involves a simple application or a fully customised pump network.

Carroll provides a comprehensive range of pump-turbine systems in various models for different situations around mining facilities.

This includes free-floating pumps and automatic pumps that are used for anything from small amounts of water to large volumes of water such as ponds and flooding issues, both on the surface or underground.

By purchasing Equipment Pro, Mefcor or Stancor pumps from Carroll Technologies, customers gain access to Carroll’s MinerCare 24/7 technical support, as well as Carroll’s factory-authorized mining equipment repair centres.

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