MSA Mining Products: Endorsed by Carroll Technologies

A global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products for the mining industry and beyond, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) was established in 1914. Since its inception, MSA has grown its product line to include everything from self-contained breathing apparatus, fixed gas and flame detection systems and portable gas detection instruments, to industrial head protection products, fire and rescue helmets, and fall protection devices.

Carroll Technologies has worked as a key MSA supplier for several years. According to Carroll president Allen Haywood: “MSA has been a solid company for decades; we have a long-standing relationship with them.

“MSA is probably one of the oldest safety-oriented mining safety companies. They provide not only W65 rescuers but all types of instrumentation, such as handheld spotters or monitors, which can check for an array of different gases.

“As a portable unit that the worker wears, these monitors give real-time results and warnings of low oxygen or toxic gases. They also have fire protection, which is a big concern these days, for underground or above-ground operations, mining, and other industries such as construction.”

Using a mix of mechanical systems, quality materials and electronics, MSA products work to protect personnel against dangerous situations. The product range is used all around the world. The company dedicates significant time and effort to protecting product users, with development, testing and evaluation a top priority.

As a key MSA supplier, Carroll Technologies’ mining shop includes a broad selection of MSA mining products, including:

The Altair 4X Detector (20039) – a fully portable multi-gas detector can alert the user to the presence of combustibles, toxins, and anaerobic environments in 15 seconds. It comes with improved reusability and accuracy compared to previous models, as well as a lower maintenance cost.
The W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator (455299) – A one-time-use device which provides emergency respiratory protection against carbon monoxide gas resulting from under- ground fires or explosions.

A range of safety glasses and hard hats, including the Arctic Smoke Safety Glasses (697515) and V-Guard Hard Hat (475369), as well as other essential mining safety accessories.


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