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NL4502 Vehicle Adapter for Polaris Cap Lamp

Reasons to buy:

  • Convenient Power Solution: The NL4502 Vehicle Adapter allows for convenient and continuous power supply for the Polaris Cap Lamp directly from a vehicle's power source
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to work with the Polaris Cap Lamp from NLT, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for efficient and reliable lighting
  • Eliminates the Need for Additional Batteries: The vehicle adapter eliminates the need for additional batteries or charging devices, providing a hassle-free power solution
  • Rugged Construction: Built with a rugged construction and high-quality materials, the vehicle adapter is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of mining environments
  • Trusted Brand: NLT (Northern Light Technologies) is a trusted brand in mining lighting solutions, providing businesses with reliable and efficient lighting options

Product short description:

The NL4502 Vehicle Adapter is specifically designed for use with the Polaris Cap Lamp from NLT (Northern Light Technologies). This vehicle adapter provides a convenient and reliable power solution for businesses in need of efficient lighting options for their mining operations.

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Product no: NL4502

Product info: NL4502 Vehicle Adapter works with the NLT (Northern Light Technology) Polaris single unit charger

Price: US $27.00

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