NLT (Northern Light Technologies)

NLA0M3 Northern Light Technologies (NLT) Polaris Cordless Cap Lamp W/ N-R5120-01 Single Unit Charger **Bundle**

Reasons to buy:

  • World’s #1 cap lamp
  • Ruggedly crafted for use in the harshest environments
  • More Polaris lamps are used in mines & tunnels worldwide than any other cap lamp
  • Light output: 7,000 Lux / Run time: Primary LED: 14 hrs, Secondary LED: 7 days
  • The battery and all components of the Polaris are serviceable through Carroll

Product short description:

Consisting of only a headpiece, the award-winning Northern Light Polaris cap lamp is specially designed for use in underground mining and tunneling operations.

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Price: US $385.00

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Product no: NLA0M3W/N-R5120-01

Product info: NLA0M3 Northern Light Polaris Cordless Cap Lamp w/ N-R5120-01 Single Unit Charger **Bundle**

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Price: US $385.00

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