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NLG001 Rebel Cordless Cap Lamp w/ Fixed Clip

by Northern Light Technology


US $265.00

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Rebel Cordless Cap Lamp w/ Fixed Clip

The Rebel is Northern Light Technologies’ rugged, cordless cap lamp designed for outdoor and industrial applications.

The tough, high powered and hands-free Rebel is compact in design and provides five hours of constant high beam light, or up to 20 hours at medium output. With a bulb that lasts for at least 20,000 hours, The Rebel is a portable, all-in-one LED cap lamp with three light settings, including a super-high 11,000 Lux beam. Color filters allow for maximum light and visibility while the light source includes a patented reflector for the ultimate light output and a perfectly focused spot. The high-powered lithium Ion battery can be recharged over 500 times, reducing unnecessary waste and saving you money. The Rebel is mountable to a wide variety of headgear, including hats, helmets, belts, clothing, machinery, and vehicles.

The Rebel battery is now field replaceable by your authorized NLT distributor.


Battery Charge Time

  • 10 hours

Battery Discharge Time

  • Main LED > 5 hours high beam 20 hours low beam

Emergency Flashing

  • Activated with 5-second hold-down

Battery Lifecycle

    500 Minimum


  • 6oz (170 GR)


  • 11,000 (for high beam); 3,000 minimum at low beam

Charger configurations

  • Single, 10 and 24 unit modules 48 unit rack; 12V DC adapter for vehicle connection

Charger Power Source

  • AC line voltage range from 120V +/- 10%, 220V +/- 10%,
  • 12V AC input can also be used in case of retrofit to existing racks and transformers

Charger Temperature Range

  • 5°C - 35°C / 41°F - 95°F (Optimum: 15°C - 20°C / 59°F - 68°F)

Lamp Storage Temperature

  • 0°C - 60°C / 32°F - 140°F (Optimum 10°C - 20°C / 50°F - 68°F)

Primary LED Life

  • 20,000 hours

Secondary LED Life

  • 20,000 hours

Ingress Protection

  • IP 67

Operating Ambient Temperature

  • Ta = 0°C - 60°C / 32°F - 140°F

Charging Current

  • 300mA

Pending Approvals

  • None

Charger Information:

*Charger is sold separately*

*Charger Part Number:  N-R5120-01*