10-5503 PCB FRONT PANEL 400S

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Product info: 10-5503 PCB FRONT PANEL 400S

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Item Name: Plasma cutting torch electrode 9-5503 fit Thermal Dynamics series torchList Included: Plasma electrode 9-5503 WSP-10054 x 10 piecesMore Details: Reference number: 9-5503 Torch model: PCH-30 Consumables type: Electrode Item Package Quantity: 10 pieces Others: WS OEMed Plasma Cutting Torch Consumables, not originalNB:Due to the consumable parts compatible ability are limited, please MUST confirm the Ref code is matched. Only torch model or power source model matched is not enough. If you are uncertain about compatibility of parts please contact us first. We are happy to answer your inquiry ASAP. The wrong purchase caused incompatible issues are not included in the product defection range. There is shipping cost and restocking charges might apply for the unconditional returning item.About Shipping:These products are made by WS and shipped from China. If you want to receive the package ASAP, please choose Expedited Shipping.

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