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Applications like pumps, conveyors, and ventilators don’t always need to operate at the same level. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can be used to ramp down or speed up the frequency and voltage to meet the machinery’s task-by-task requirements.

VFDs are an essential component of all adjustable-rate electrical equipment, and guarantee safe and efficient operations in a hazardous mining environment. Over 800 mines across North America put their trust in Carroll Technologies Group and our MinerCare 24/7™ support team to deliver effective solutions to their everyday challenges. From cascade drives to mechanical gears, there are hundreds of motorized applications which could benefit from the added control of a VFD.

Variable frequency drives mines and tunneling: reduce energy consumption

A VFD allows mines to reduce their energy consumption and costs, as machinery no longer has to constantly run at full speed. Fewer operational mistakes are made as equipment is always running at its most efficient level, extending its functional life and reducing the need for product maintenance. This comes with the added benefit of reducing a mine’s greenhouse gas emissions. VFDs also improve safety and comfort in the working environment, through giving miners more comprehensive control over their equipment.

We offer a range of low and medium voltage VFD products and systems from Benshaw, ranging from multi-purpose microdrives to turnkey drive control systems. These applications are all reliable and easy to use, with intuitive operator interfaces. Benshaw offers a wide range of drive packages, from 1-700 horsepower, able to support even the toughest variable speed applications. Mine operators can also order custom drives for any unique needs the standard Benshaw range doesn’t cater for. This means a VFD is an option for an extensive range of motorized devices, offering your choice of disconnect, bypass, line and load reactor, and control options.

Products such as the S4 Series washdown duty drive can withstand even the harshest environments, designed to operate in wet, dirty, or corrosive environments without a hitch. Their double labyrinth seals prevent things like dirt, oil, and water from entering and damaging the drive, and they can withstand a high-pressure washdown of up to 1,000 psi.
The SG Series of high-performance sensorless vector drives are also ideal for the mining environment, designed for the most demanding, hard to start applications. The flexible power stack allows the user to apply the VFD to heavy and standard duty loads, as well as variable torque loads. While simple and easy to use, the SG series drives can be configured to meet the needs of a wide range of mining devices.

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