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How Does a Collision Warning System Work in Mining Operations?

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Collision warning systems in mining operations involve tracking vehicles, moving equipment and personnel using tags and sensors in order to establish safe zones, trigger collision alerts, and provide operators with proximity awareness without distracting them from their task. 


Information from tags and sensors is fed back to a data control centre, which is often integrated with information from other Internet of Things  (IoT) networks, such as gas detection devices and operations management. From these control centres, mining operations can customize safe zones for workers and machines, as well as tailor how alerts function depending on where they are in the mining network. 

 Collision Warning System Technologies

A number of technologies can be used for proximity detection, including RFID tags, geofencing, GPS, radio and satellite, and can be integrated into a mining operation’s Wi-Fi/Leaky Feeder systems. Robust and reliable collision avoidance for mining operations, such as PBE’s PAS Proximity Alert System, utilize multiple technologies for a redundant system so that collision avoidance is always connected if one fails.  


With tags assigned to different machinery and personnel to determine their risk, as well as with various technologies being employed to know their location, collision avoidance systems in mines can be set up to trigger alerts when two tags get too close. Similarly, geofencing can establish safe zones that will trigger a warning if it is breached. For large-scale mining operations, satellite tracking systems are useful for incorporating multiple systems into a single operation, including communication systems. 


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