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Commercial vehicle collision avoidance systems

Commercial vehicles lined up

Fleet proximity detection for commercial vehicles

An effective collision detection system at any industrial location will include area proximity warnings and an automatic collision avoidance system for vehicles. This will include being able to configure tracking methods to recognise different groups, such as vehicle types, personnel, or obstacles.

PBE provides a rugged and reliable fleet driver collision avoidance system that utilizes electromagnetics, RFID, GPS and bi-directional radar. In partnership with Carroll Technologies, PBE supplies customized commercial vehicle collision avoidance systems specifically designed for your site. Experts at Carroll Technologies can visit sites and work with customers to design effective safety systems, from proximity detection to radio communication. Holistic services are increasingly popular, with companies such as Carroll offering tracking and communication services using the same technological base, which significantly reduces the likelihood of collisions.

Customizing Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “Systems can be customized for a lot of different types of operations and programmed to set the parameters that they need. We can also incorporate remote opening gates and doors, as well as recordings of travel so that they can look back through history via mobile or desktop software. It can record everything that has been travelling, what speeds they have been travelling at, and any near misses.”

Customizations can incorporate tags, so drivers will be notified if they get close to people, objects, other vehicles, or heavier pieces of equipment. This can include tractors with safety sensors for collision avoidance, proximity detection for pickup trucks and loaders for big operations, and warning systems for forklifts in handling facilities.

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