E-551A Uni-Bond 5″ Amber LED Beacon – Quad Flash

Reasons to buy:

  • High Visibility: The bright and attention-grabbing amber LED light ensures maximum visibility, effectively alerting personnel to potential hazards or emergency situations
  • Durability in Harsh Conditions: The beacon's durable construction allows it to withstand impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors, ensuring reliable performance in challenging environments
  • Versatile Mounting Options: With multiple mounting options, it can be easily installed and integrated into various industrial applications, adapting to specific needs
  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizing LED technology, the beacon consumes less power, resulting in energy savings and reduced operational costs
  • Effective Warning Signals: The quad flash pattern provides powerful warning signals, making it highly effective in drawing attention and communicating potential risks

Product short description:

The Uni-Bond E-551A 5″ Amber LED Beacon – Quad Flash is a reliable and highly visible warning beacon designed for industrial applications. With its durable construction, bright LED technology, and versatile mounting options, this beacon provides effective warning signals in various industrial and commercial settings.

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Product no: E-551A

Product info: E-551A Uni-Bond 5″ Amber LED Beacon – Quad Flash

Price: US $83.00

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