Ritron LM-V150 Loudmouth Wireless PA

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LoudMouth wireless PA system receiver adapter

Product no: LM-V150

Product info: LM-V150 Loudmouth Wireless PA

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Price: $751.00

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The Ritron LPA-Series receiver is designed for interface to existing wired Public Address systems to allow PA announcements using VHF or UHF business band, FRS, or MURS radios. Major Benefit: The LPA receiver allows all the wired speakers in a PA/Intercom system immediately accessible via a 2-way radio/base station/ etc. The LPA receiver can be connected to an existing wired system. An LM and LPA receiver system can be used side-by-side on the same frequency. What is The Difference b/w The LM-V150/U450 Receiver and The LPA-V150/U450 Receiver? • The LM Receiver (#LM-V150/U450) has a built-in audio amplifier. The built-in audio amplifier allows the LM receiver by itself to drive up to 2 Ritron PA horn speakers. The LM receiver and included PA Horn speaker is what we call a stand-alone wireless PA system. • LPA Receiver (#LPA-V150/U450) does not have a built-in PA amplifier. The LPA receiver is designed to be connected to an existing PA/intercom system with its own PA amplifier and wired speakers. • The LPA receiver does not include a back-up battery since it is merely a component of a larger system usually powered by AC and its own battery back-up system.

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LoudMouth wireless PA system receiver adapter