RQT-152 VHF Quick Talk Transmitter

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The Ritron QuickTalk RQT is an industrial-grade, radio transmitter with switch inputs and voice storage capability. It is compatible with virtually any other business-band 2-way radio, the radio can even be programmed to operate with radio repeaters. Typical uses include the following: • Call Button/Panic Alarm –A stainless steel push button assembly (p/n #RPB-1AG), connected to the QuickTalk provides an effective push button alerting solution. • Door Alarm –A magnetic door switch connected to a QuickTalk transmitter allows easy monitoring of open doors, windows, tool cribs, etc. • Power ON/Fail Alarm –With the Power-Out Alert connected to a QuickTalk, it can detect a loss of AC power and immediately trigger the QuickTalk to send an alert. • Temperature Alert –This device connected to a QuickTalk lets you monitor and receive voice alerts for pre-set high or low temperatures. • Liquid Level –Monitor liquid levels. A simple marine grade liquid level switch connected to a QuickTalk can help provide and early warning alert for both high and low level conditions. • Wireless Shopper Callbox –The RQA offers the same basic voice-alerting features and battery powered operation as the RQT, with the exception that it is a turn-key package complete with “How Can We Help” label, red push button, and LED transmit indicator.

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