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America’s leading supplier of conveyor belt fasteners

Conveyor Belt Monitoring and Control in Mines (Shuttersock)

Through a partnership with GORO America, Carroll supplies a comprehensive range conveyor belt fasteners and splicing solutions.

GORO’s record V6 (RV6) series is a complete fastener strip, which is installed on the belt across the full width. This prevents fastener loss or damage during storage and transportation. The loop section is designed to maintain an even radius after the fastener is clenched, in order to provide a good working surface for the connecting pin.

GORFLEX bolt plate fasteners are simple to install and are ideal for the quick repair of belt tears. They offer excellent impact resistance and are suitable for hard rock conveying systems and the transportation of abrasive substances such as sand, gravel, cement, crushed stone, coal and salt.

Carroll’s portfolio also includes adhesives, miner equipment, electronics, communication equipment, lighting solutions, power distribution equipment, safety solutions, motor controls and monitoring.

Carroll Technologies provides more than just mining and safety products, offering a range of services such as product consultancy and post-purchase support. All products supplied through Carroll are supported by its 24/7 MinerCare service, which includes on-call technical support, certified repair centres, a spare parts inventory worth more than $7 million, same day delivery and repair processes that meet or exceed MSHA requirements.

Rapid response services support mine operators in any emergency situations, from machine break down to mine fires. Safety equipment such as self-rescuers, hand held monitoring equipment, cap lights, radios, atmospheric monitoring components and tracking components can be delivered to the site, along with rush repair of equipment.

Training is also provided to keep workers up to date with safety regulations and proper usage procedures for products provided through Carroll.

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America’s leading supplier of mine and tunnel safety equipment

mine foam sealant for mining ventilation

With more than 30 years of experience providing safety solutions to more than 800 mines, Carroll Technologies is ideally positioned to ensure the safe and efficient operations of mines and tunnels.

Carroll’s range of safety equipment includes self-contained self-rescuers (SCSR), underground refuge chambers, multi-gas detection instruments, ventilation and air quality testing, firefighting equipment and foam packs, anemometers and temperature controls, as well as testing and calibration equipment.

To ensure that safety equipment continues to run efficiently, Carroll provides comprehensive post-purchase services, from rapid response teams, to next-day delivery and technical support. Carroll Technologies offers consultancy services to ensure that operators choose the best equipment for their application. All products are backed by MinerCare 24/7 support and are MSHA approved.

With a distribution network of more than 70 manufactures, Carroll Technologies has partnered with industry leading companies to provide the best safety equipment available to the mining industry, including Ocenco, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Davis Inotek Instruments and Task Force Tips.

Ocenco’s Self Rescuers are supplied through Carroll Technologies. They use pure oxygen instead of chemical based solutions used by alternative vendors. This allows for an extended work-life, a critical feature for mine safety, as they can be repaired and refurbished (unlike chemical-based solutions).

From Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), Carroll distributes a range of safety products, including Solaris Gas Detection units, Galaxy Calibration units for Solaris & Altair spotters, Elf Dust Pumps and Fall Protection Equipment.

Carroll Technologies portfolio of products includes miner equipment and tracking, communications, monitoring, power distribution equipment, motor controls, electronics and a mine central communications centre. Carroll also provides factory authorised repair that meets MSHA specifications, as well as a range of rapid response safety components such as self-rescuers, hand held gas detectors, circuit breakers, cab lights, radios, atmospheric monitoring and tracking components.

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Leaky Feeder Amplifier: Improving Communications for Mining Operations

Atmospheric Monitoring Devices & Equipment for Mining

How Does a Leaky Feeder Amplifier Work?

A leaky feeder amplifier acts as an antenna for devices to receive a signal, and drastically expands the distance over which miners can communicate with each other.

This means a worker ten miles underground can easily speak to a colleague on the surface, using the antenna between them to connect the signal.

This is done via a stationary telephone console such as the Pyott Boone Electronics (PBE) 112 mine telephone, a two-way radio which can be integrated into a leaky feeder system.

This phone, which is distributed by leading mine safety equipment supplier Carroll Technologies Group, can be incorporated into PBE’s fourth generation of leaky feeder technology.

This incorporates systems such as proximity alerts, gas monitoring, as well as both text and voice communication into the leaky feeder amplifier system, improving safety throughout an operation as notice of emergency can be passed through the site more efficiently.

Leaky feeder systems require an amplifier to expand their reach PBE’s bidirectional line amplifier 4 (BDA-4) maintains signal levels throughout a leaky feeder system, and can be used as a tag reader, modem or gateway. It incorporates SAW filter design to increase bandwidth and provide solid and consistent RF performance.

BDA-4 supports voice and data transmission, with wireless tracking interconnectivity and wires interconnectivity on select models.

The device also is designed to adjust to the radio signal it receives accordingly to minimise the risks of noise degradation, with three multi-platform communications adapter slots which allow it to adapt to multiple leaky feeder systems.

The BDA-4 also provides both remote and local diagnostics to indicate the current state of the amplifier for ease of maintenance.

24/7 Support and Customer Care

Carroll Technologies Group representatives are always on hand, through either a scheduled visit or via a phone call to one of its expert MinerCare operatives, to provide all necessary repairs and technical support a customer of theirs may need on their leaky feeder amplifier.

MinerCare support is available 24/7, meaning there’s always a helping hand available for customers of Carroll, even during a late-night shift.

The brand prides itself on fostering a healthy working relationship with its clients, meaning when you buy a Carroll Technologies product, you aren’t just investing in a device that will serve you here and now but in your business’ future.