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The NLT Polaris Cordless Cap Lamp: A Robust & Bright All-In-One Cordless Headlamp

mine foam sealant for mining ventilation

This robust lighting solution has been specifically designed for use in adverse underground environments, such as tunneling and mining operations. It meets IECEx, M1 and US standards, as well as being verified by ATEX and Testsafe.

Buying the Northern Light Polaris Cordless Cap Lamp from Carroll Technologies

Carroll Technologies president, Allen Haywood, explains more:

“This is a product we’ve distributed for many years; it’s a proven product.”

“NLT was the original designer of the all-in-one cordless headlamp.”

The NLT Polaris cap lamp uses a high-capacity lithium battery and LED light encased in a high-impact dust and water-resistant plastic case.

By combining the battery and light source in a single enclosure, the NLT lighting solution eliminates the need for a cord or external battery pack.

With a minimum light output of 5,000LUX and a typical output of 6,500LUX, the Polaris cap lamp is the brightest cap lamp on the market, performing better than competitors like Koehler mining lights, corded or non-corded. It incorporates two light sources and an emergency flashing beacon, which is activated after a five-second hold-down.

The MSHA approved cordless cap lamp fully charges in just ten hours and offers 12 hours of battery discharge time for the main LED and 40 hours for the secondary LED.

Its overall battery lifecycle is a minimum of 500, translating to 20,000 hours of LED light. Charging units are sold separately and are available as single, ten or 24 unit modules, as well as a 48 unit rack.

The Polaris battery is field replaceable by authorised NLT distributors, including Carroll Technologies, which has more than 30 years of experience supplying safety equipment and underground lighting solutions across North America.

24/7 Support and Customer Care

Supported by MinerCare 24/7 services, NLT Polaris cap lamps purchased through Carroll Technologies are covered by round the clock technical support and NLT factory certified repair.

According to Haywood:

“We are a factory-authorised repair centre, so customers get a much longer service-life out of the product after their initial investment. A lot of other products that we’ve compared them to are more or less throwaway units. The Polaris lamps are a long-term investment; they’re very rugged.”

For more information or to order the Northern Light Polaris cap lamp for your mine, visit Carroll’s mining shop’s page, featuring the fixed clip and adjustable clip cap lamp.

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Illumagear Halo Hard Hat Lights: High Visibility for Mines & Tunnels

The Halo cap light from Illumagear is a cordless 360° light that can be attached to any standard hard hat. It enables clear visibility for the wearer and coworkers by producing a full ring of light up to a quarter of a mile around the hat. It is also water resistant for submersion of up to one meter for half an hour.

Carroll Technologies stocks and supplies a range of Illumagear lights, batteries and chargers. Illlumagear portable lighting for mines and tunnelling offers a more convenient, efficient and cost-effective alternative to fixed underground lighting solutions.

As a cord-free, hands-free solution, the Halo cap light enables mine workers to carry out their work unencumbered by handheld lights, while maintaining the flexibility of an all-around portable light source.

The HALO SL range also includes a spotlight and task lights, which offer 20 different lighting combinations.

Illumagear Halo hard hat cap lights and accessories available from Carroll Technologies include:

In order to provide high visibility, the Halo SL features a 18650 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which can provide between 1.5 and 121 hours of runtime (included with the purchase of the cap light).

When purchasing safety and lighting solutions through Carroll Technologies, customers gain access to an industry-leading support service: MinerCare 24/7.

In addition to distributing field-proven equipment, Carroll offers  24/7 technical support, rapid response in an emergency situation, factory-authorised repair, and an extensive spare parts inventory.

Carroll also offers training for a range of the safety devices that it supplies, ensuring equipment is used safely and efficiently.

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Mining & Construction Boots: Oliver Boots Endorsed by Carroll Technologies

mining and construction boots

Oliver Boots manufactures construction footwear with the promise of comfort, high performance, and durability.

Their construction and mining boot products are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, steel, and mining and tunnelling sectors.

The mining boots product range extends across zip sided, ankle height, penetration protection, waterproof and gumboot varieties, with a number of different features for comfort, steel toe caps and soles, depending on the application.

Carroll Technologies has been providing safety equipment to more than 800 mines for more than 30 years, so their endorsement of Oliver Boots reflects how well they perform in the field.

The company distributes construction boots for mining and tunnelling, keeping a range of options and sizes in stock, including:

  • Boots, 16″ muck, steel toe (CHS-000A-11, CHS-000A-10)
  • Boot, muck, arctic pro steel (ACP-STL0-BLK-11, ACP-STL0-BLK-12)
  • Boot, artic pro (ACT-STL0-BLK-10, ACT-STL0-BLK-11)
  • Boots, 16″ muck, steel toe (CHS-000A-13, CHS-000A-9)
  • Boot, chore classic black mid (CHM-000A-8, CHM-000A-9)

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood:

“Oliver provides a very good product and they’re a very good company to deal with. We stand behind their product.”

Customers who choose to purchase construction and boots for mines and tunnels through Carroll Technologies benefit from the industry-leading MinerCare 24/7 service.

Offering technical support around the clock, rapid response to emergencies and a spare parts inventory worth more than $7million, customers will also get the most out of their investment when utilising Carroll Technologies factory-authorised mining equipment repair centres.

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Fall Protection Equipment for Mining and Tunnneling

Mine safety emergency response (Shutterstock)

As experts in mining safety, having provided equipment to more than 800 mines for more 30 years, Carroll Technologies is ideally positioned to suggest and supply the best fall protection equipment for mining and tunneling.

Drawing on an extensive distribution network of trusted manufacturers, Carroll offers endorsed fall protection from MSA and Honeywell Safety.

Fall protection equipment available through Carroll Technologies includes:

      MSA retractable lanyards

      MSA vest-style harnesses

      MSA full-body harnesses

      MSA lanyard restraints

      MSA trauma prevention

      MSA lanyards with hooks

      Honeywell Miller AirCore harnesses

      Honeywell personal fall limiters

MSA manufacturers its fall protection solutions from high-quality materials to ensure maximised strength and comfort for the wearer. Harnesses and lanyard come in different fits and offer different features depending on the application.

The energy-absorbing lanyard keeps fall arrest forces below 6 kN, and the restraint lanyards are designed to be placed between the anchor point and the harness to prevent workers from reaching the fall area.

The Miller AirCore harnesses from Honeywell are light-weight and manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium and breathable open-core padding to allow for optimal airflow, as well as reduced heat and moisture entrapment.

Customers who purchase fall protection equipment through Carroll Technologies gain access to MinerCare 24/7, which includes around the clock technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, factory-authorised repair and an extensive stock of spare parts.

Carroll Technologies also provides fall protection equipment for most industrial applications including the offshore, oil and gas industry and the energy, power and utilities industries. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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Custom Mining Warning & Safety Signs

custom mining warning and safety signs

Mine owners can purchase a range of National Marker Company (NMC) custom mining warning and safety signs in an array of materials, from rigid plastic to aluminium, and in a range of colours, through Carroll Technologies.

Blasting area, danger area, do not enter, and highwall warning signs are all fully customizable to meet the need of the customer.

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood:

“We sell a lot of their products, from tags to just anything in the area safety identification. We supply a lot of signage for escape areas, or especially during the pandemic, there is a lot of signage being put up telling people to wear protective face masks.

Just about any type of custom signage is something that we can provide through Marker.

“National Marker is a great company and it has always been great to work with them. They’re very customer orientated.”

Having provided safety equipment for American mines for more than 30 years, Carroll is perfectly placed to recommend the most reliable and high-quality safety products, only endorsing trusted manufacturers.

Customers who purchase custom mining warning and blast signs through Carroll gain access to MinerCare 24/7, which encompasses around the clock technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, factory authorized mining equipment repair and an extensive stock of spare parts.

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Mefcor: Switches and pumps endorsed by Carroll Technologies

Mefcor Natural Gas & Mining Borehole Pumps

Mefcor is a trusted manufacturer of switches and pumps for the mining, tunnelling and natural gas industries. Over the years, Mefcor has built a portfolio of high-quality products that are distributed to mines across the US.

The company’s concise portfolio of expertly designed switches and pumping solutions consist of:

  • Natural gas pumps 
  • Mining borehole pumps 
  • Belt switches
  • Tipple belt switches
  • Conveyer-powered dewatering pumps
  • Spillage protection
  • Solid-state belt wetters
  • Dust suppression water control valves
  • Solid-state chute spray actuators
  • Material level control switch
  • Cable-operated conveyer safety switch
  • Permissible warning lights

Belt switches are designed to be robust and easy to install on-site. The CS2100 belt switch has a simple mechanism and rigid structure that fits almost any type of belt size. Mefcor’s spillage protection is rugged and erosion-proof to prevent spillages in locations such as transfer areas and bins, cutting cleaning expenses and decreasing downtime.

Mefcor’s pumping solutions are simple, clog-resistant designs for difficult dewatering applications. Its nylon-bristled drive wheel taps do not require a power source, significantly reducing costs associated with running electrical pumps.

The effective, easy-to-install automatic dust suppression control valve allows water to flow only when the conveyor is loaded and moving, or anytime conveyor is moving, depending on user requirements.

“We have been distributing for Mefcor for decades,” explains Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood. “They’re a small company that offer great products that Carroll can also service and repair.”

In addition to factory-authorised repair and certification, customers who purchase Mefcor products such as natural gas pumps or mining borehole pumps through Carroll Technologies also gain access to 24/7 technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, and a widely stocked spare parts inventory.

Full range of Mefcor products

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CCTV Camera Systems & Surveillance for Mining Operations

Mine Security Cameras & CCTV from Carroll Technologies

When looking for security and monitoring systems for your mining or tunnelling project, Carroll Technologies is sure to have the answer.

According to the company’s president, Allen Haywood:

“We can provide wired or wireless cameras for above or underground operations, and customise the layout of these cameras for special applications, such as certain danger areas or monitoring for security.”

Through Carroll Technologies, customers can choose between a wide range of field-proven, high-quality cameras.

From Pyott Boone Electronics (PBE), Carroll supplies IP camera systems, which is part of PBE’s comprehensive monitoring and control systems, providing mines with real-time data across the entire network.

PBE has been designing mining communication and monitoring systems for more than 40 years, and this experience and expertise means that these IP camera systems can be seamlessly integrated with other safety and monitoring systems, such as environmental monitoring, emergency alert and tracking.

A customized solution can be found for any requirement, as PBE can deal with LTE, wireless, SCADA and fibre networks for video monitoring.

Surveillance System Product Support and Customer Care

Customers who choose to purchase camera systems for mines and tunnels through Carroll Technologies benefit from not only more than thirty years of experience catering to more than 800 US mines, but also the industry-leading MinerCare 24/7 service.

Offering technical support around the clock, rapid response to emergencies and a spare parts inventory worth more than $7million, customers will also get the most out of their investment when utilising Carroll Technologies factory-authorised repair centres.

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Energizer: Long-lasting Portable Lighting & Batteries for Mines

Quality Lighting Solutions for Mining Operations

Portable lighting is an essential part of daily operations for many industries, especially underground mining and tunnelling sectors.

Lighting solutions must be high-quality and robust, and their power sources must be reliable and long-lasting to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Energizer’s product ranges include the Energizer Headlamps, Energizer Weatheready, Energizer Hard Case Professional, Energizer Vision HD Performance Metal, Energizer Intrinsically Safe, and Energizer Performance Metal Tactical Lights.

Perhaps most widely known for its range of long-lasting batteries, this lighting and power solution company offers both single-use and rechargeable batteries with different compositions and features depending on the application. From wheat light batteries for miners to larger scale area lighting, Energizer have it covered.

For example, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries differ from standard alkaline batteries in both chemistry and construction. They are the world’s most long-lasting AA and AAA batteries and operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F.

Energizer Mining Lighting from Carroll Technologies

Carroll Technologies has been providing mining safety and lighting equipment to US mines for more than 30 years.

Having supplied products and services such as LED lighting, cap lights, and PPE equipment to more than 800 sites, Carroll is an experienced and trusted distributor with an extensive network of manufacturer partnerships.

For lighting solutions, Carroll is ideally positioned to recommend and supply products and batteries that mine owners can rely on.

Customers who purchase lighting and safety products through Carroll benefits from MinerCare 24/7, the most comprehensive support service in the industry.

As a factory-authorized repair center for major manufacturers, Carroll Technologies offers customers the best return on their investment.

MinerCare 24/7 also includes technical support, an extensive spare parts inventory and rapid emergency response.

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Personal Protection Equipment for Mining and Tunnelling

personal protection equipment (ppe) for mining and tunnelling

Personal protection equipment (PPE) for mines and tunnels covers a broad spectrum of products, most notably hard hats, personal atmosphere monitoring equipment, breathing apparatus, gloves and protective eyewear.

Over the last few decades, personal protection equipment for underground operations like mining and tunnel construction has advanced significantly, with technology improving everywhere from communication to our understanding of materials.

These advancements in mining PPE and mining safety clothing have allowed for safer, more productive operations across the entire industry, even at more remote sites or with dangerous equipment.

Mining & Industrial PPE from Carroll Technologies

When it comes to mining safety, Carroll Technologies has the solution. For more than thirty years Carroll has provided mining PPE and safety equipment to more than 800 mines across North America.

With an impressive stock of equipment, and rapid response to emergency situations through their support service, MinerCare 24/7, Carroll should be any mine owners first stop for personal protective equipment for underground and construction operations.

Leading the industry for mining safety and personal protective equipment provision, Carroll Technologies is a factory authorized repair centre for major manufacturers of PPE devices.

Mine owners look to invest in the absolute best PPE when it comes to hard hats, face shields, gloves and ear protection, and factory certified testing and repair ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

Carroll is there for your mine in a time of crisis, with around the clock support and rapid response with safety equipment to ensure the safety of your workers.

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Reliable Ground Monitors & Fault Monitoring Systems for Mines and Tunnels

Having supplied safety and electrical mining equipment to more than 800 US mines over the course of more than 30 years, Carroll Technologies is ideally positioned to identify the most reliable and effective fixed and portable ground monitors for mines and tunnels.

It is essential for mines to install a comprehensive ground monitoring system that will alert workers to sudden or significant movements of rock, especially if it involves excessive deformation or damage.

PEMCO ground monitors continuously verify the integrity of AC ground wire in heavy equipment trailing cables, as well as transmission lines between power distribution stations.

MCI’s electrical apparatus range, including ground monitors and ground-fault replays, improve personnel and electrical equipment safety. In addition to ground monitoring, Becker/SMC provides power and electronic equipment for the entire mine network.

According to Carroll Technologies president, Allen Haywood:

“Becker/SMC manufactures motor controls and equipment that relates to power throughout mines, both for underground and above-ground operations. We stock and sell all the components and equipment for this company, from power centres, power centre components, circuit breakers, ground monitors, plugs, receptacles and switches, as well as complete assembly of power centres and substations.”

Customers that purchase ground monitors for mines and tunnels through Carroll Technologies gain access to the MinerCare 24/7 support service.

This service provides around the clock technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, mining equipment repair, and an extensive stock of spare parts.