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AC Connectors for Mining & Industrial Use

Dusty, wet, confined spaces mean devices such as power lines, plugs, and receptacles must be able to withstand the harsh and hazardous mining environment. Our AC mining connector devices can supply power to many different pieces of equipment which can run at low, medium, and certain high voltage states.

AC connectors for use in mines and tunneling

We’ve been servicing the North American mining industry for over three decades, starting on the coalfields of West Virginia and expanding into the largest mining services group in the USA today.

With 13 distribution centers and support offices located across nine states, mine operators and workers know they can rely on Carroll Technologies Group to provide the highest standards of safety and support available.

We even offer same-day delivery for a substantial range of electronic products, including our AC connectors, to ensure mining operations are constantly up and running nationwide.

AC Connectors for Use in Mines and Tunneling: Supplies

Ideal for channeling electricity from a permanent line or trolley wire to a piece of mobile equipment, our trailing cables are heavily insulated and protected against the harsh mining environment.

Carroll Technologies Group also supplies a series of high and low voltage AC power couplers for connecting multiple devices, and a range of plugs and receptacles for channeling an AC current.

Sourced from reputable suppliers such as Line Power Manufacturing and the SMC Corporation of America, we can guarantee mine operators high quality, durable products across the board.

SMC offers a range of AC servo sliders, designed to enable higher speeds and acceleration, and improve the vertical load capacity of equipment – these include ball screw drives and belt drives, at both high and regular rigidity, as well as support guides.

They also supply AC servo rods, such as the Dust and Drip Proof IP65, which includes a vent hold and fitting which balances internal pressure and prevents the entrance of dust and water.

Carroll Technologies Group stocks a wide range of power actuating products, trusted by over 800 mining companies across North America.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering results across our varied portfolio of electrical equipment, and our MinerCare 24/7™ team can be contacted over the phone at any time to provide mine owners with the day to day support they need.

With Carroll Technologies Group, mine operators know they are always able to rely on us for advice and guidance on their electrical requirements and safety solutions.

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Anemometers for Use in Mines and Tunnelling

anemometers for use in mines and tunnelling

These small, portable devices use wind velocity to measure the volume of air entering and exiting the mine shaft, ensuring there is enough airflow to prevent the accumulation of dangerous gases.

Anemometers for use in mines and tunnelling not only keeps workers safe from harm, but maximizes a mine’s efficiency by providing a comprehensive overview of the ventilation system.

Anemometers for Use in Mines and Tunnelling: Testing Airflow Quality

Using an anemometer is one of the easiest ways to test air quality and to gauge the airflow in a mine, and can be used to select appropriate ventilation equipment as well as ensure worker safety.

They’re perfect for both quick ad-hoc checks and long term monitoring of airspaces, requiring minimal technical understanding to operate. In addition to measuring mining airflow, multi-functional anemometers can also measure factors such as temperature and humidity.

Heat management in a mine must be closely monitored and maintained at all times, to minimize discomfort to personnel and prevent temperature damage to equipment.

We offer additional equipment repairs and services for all anemometers purchased through Carroll Technologies Group.

As leaders of the North American mining products and services industry, over 800 mines across the continent rely on us every day for all of their service and supply needs. Customers of Carroll Technologies Group can also reach out to our MinerCare 24/7™ team, who are always on hand to supply the most comprehensive support available to mining companies.

Superior Technologies Mining Anemometers

Superior Technologies supply us with the ST-1000 Vane Anemometers, portable models ideal for carrying on hand to monitor air quality between mining sites.

Intrinsically safe and available in both low and high-speed formats, they each boast a +/- accuracy of 2%.

The low-speed model can provide readings of 40-5000 FPM, while the high-speed model ranges from 200-8000 FPM. Measuring only four inches in diameter, they’re easily transported around any mining facility.

The ST-1000’s are calibrated with NIST traceable technology, with custom calibration available on request.

Internally constructed using the highest grade brass and stainless steel available, the exterior is constructed from CNC machined 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum.

This can be customized with a range of engravings and anodized colors depending on individual business needs, and provides excellent protection from even the harshest elements.

An 8-inch extension handles are also an option, custom tailored and available in two sizes, as is a useful water resistant and dust proof carry case.

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Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for Mining Pumps & Equipment

Mine conveyor (Carroll)

VFDs are an essential component of all adjustable-rate electrical equipment, and guarantee safe and efficient operations in a hazardous mining environment.

Over 800 mines across North America put their trust in Carroll Technologies Group and our MinerCare 24/7™ support team to deliver effective solutions to their everyday challenges.

From cascade drives to mechanical gears, there are hundreds of motorized applications which could benefit from the added motor control of a VFD.

Variable Frequency Drives in the Mining Industry: Reducing Energy Consumption

A VFD allows mines to reduce their energy consumption and costs, as machinery no longer has to constantly run at full speed.

Fewer operational mistakes are made as equipment is always running at its most efficient level, extending its functional life and reducing the need for product maintenance.

This comes with the added benefit of reducing a mine’s greenhouse gas emissions. Variable frequency drives also improve safety and comfort in the working environment, through giving miners more comprehensive control over their equipment.

We offer a range of low and medium voltage VFD products and systems from Benshaw, ranging from multi-purpose microdrives to turnkey drive control systems.

These applications are all reliable and easy to use, with intuitive operator interfaces.

Benshaw offers a wide range of drive packages, from 1-700 horsepower, able to support even the toughest variable speed applications.

Mine operators can also order custom drives for any unique needs the standard Benshaw range doesn’t cater for. This means a VFD is an option for an extensive range of motorized devices, offering your choice of disconnect, bypass, line and load reactor, and control options.

Products such as the S4 Series washdown duty drive can withstand even the harshest environments, designed to operate in wet, dirty, or corrosive environments without a hitch.

Their double labyrinth seals prevent things like dirt, oil, and water from entering and damaging the drive, and they can withstand a high-pressure washdown of up to 1,000 psi.

The SG Series of high-performance sensorless vector drives are also ideal for the mining environment, designed for the most demanding, hard to start applications.

The flexible power stack allows the user to apply the VFD to heavy and standard duty loads, as well as variable torque loads. While simple and easy to use, the SG series drives can be configured to meet the needs of a wide range of mining devices.

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Multi-Gas Detection Equipment for Mining, Tunneling, Water & Industrial Applications

Multi-Gas Detection Instruments for Mining and Tunnelling

Putting safety first is essential for both the wellbeing of miners and the legal compliance of mine companies. Both put their trust in Carroll Technologies Group every day for their mine safety product needs. That includes mining gas detection equipment.

Methane becomes highly inflammable and even explosive at atmospheric levels as low as five to 15%. Carbon monoxide levels as low as 0.1% are liable to cause fatality within just a few minutes, and it can take as little as 30 seconds of oxygen deprivation for a miner to lose consciousness.

As such, it’s vital for mine workers to be able to detect changes in their atmosphere immediately.

Gas Detection Equipment – Portable Multi Gas Detectors for Mining, Tunneling & Water Industries

A multi-gas detector can be produced in both portable and fixed formats. Portable detectors allow miners to test the atmosphere of confined spaces prior to entry, trace leaks, and provide early warnings of the presence of dangerous gases.

Fixed detectors can be installed in high-risk areas where flammable gases could accumulate to be constantly monitored – making the technology useful for the tunneling and water industries, as well as for mining operations.

One device supplied by Carroll Technologies Group in a fully portable format represents the very highest caliber of gas detection technology – the Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Altair 4X Detector.

Assembled to order, the device offers a 4-year operational life, and can alert the user to the presence of combustibles, toxins, and anaerobic environments in 15 seconds. It also has improved reusability and accuracy compared to previous models, and a lower maintenance cost.

The device is estimated to have a four-year working life, and comes with a manufacturer’s instrument warranty of three years.

The Altair 4X also comes with MotionAlert™ as standard in all mining gas detection equipment. This technology activates an alert when no movement is detected from the user for 30 seconds or longer, should they be injured or unconscious.

Users are also able to manually activate the InstantAlert™ alarm, which utilizes the device’s alarm system to quickly and efficiently warn others of hazards in the near vicinity.

The software can be easily connected to a PC for simple data management, and is dust and water resistant. Its 30-hour runtime allows for continuous operation over three shifts, and its chunky, ergonomic design allows it to be easily operated even if the user is wearing gloves.

Gas Detection Solutions for the Water Industry

The water industry relies on gas detection solutions when undertaking work as part of tunneling or pipeline construction projects. Gas detection systems protect workers in the water industry by providing a vital safety net for such projects, through mitigating the potentially life-threatening risks of explosions or toxic gas inhalation. Carroll Technologies provides an extensive range of gas detection solutions which are effective for application within the water industry, helping to reduce costs and increase worker safety.

Discover the full range of multi-gas detection equipment in our product store, or alternatively, contact us below for custom solutions and enquiries.

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Molded Case Circuit Breakers for Use in Mines and Tunnelling

Electrical equipment

An MCCB is a vital piece of apparatus for electricals where load current will exceed the capability of a miniature circuit breaker, and is essential for both the safety of mining staff and the longevity of the equipment they use every day.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers for Use in Mines and Tunneling: Risk Prevention

MCCBs are triggered in cases of thermal overload, short circuit, and ground faults. When these events occur, the MCCB will use its electromechanical trip units to safely halt the flow of electric current. This helps to minimise a mine’s risk of fire, explosion, or related hazardous events.

Carroll Technologies Group offers the widest range of electronic equipment available to mine owners across North America, including a range of mining MCCBs from Eaton.

Eaton Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Both new and factory serviced, each mode is a high-quality product which guarantees mine owners efficient running and a safe working environment for their employees.

Eaton’s 40-year commitment to the mining industry means their MCCBs can be relied upon to provide the very best in circuit-breaking technology.

The products have been extensively tested for reliability in hazardous mining environments, designed collaboratively with engineers from several reputable coal companies.

Eaton’s mining Molded Case Circuit Breakers are designed to protect all sizes of trailing cable, with minimal panel design and inventory requirements, and come in seven frame sizes to fit your individual needs.

The majority of units can also be installed in the field, allowing for simple on-site customization and replacement.

Field testing is also straightforward, as each MCCB includes a convenient built-in test port, compatible with the 120 Vac test kit.

Likewise, mechanical testing couldn’t be easier, with a push-to-trip button on each unit which can be triggered to confirm functionality during routine maintenance.

Eaton’s 310+ electronic trip unit technology means these MCCBs are triggered faster than microprocessor-initiated instantaneous trips.

The peace of mind delivered by these technologies is second to none, guaranteeing “faster than instantaneous” clearing times and enhanced safety measures.

Maintaining Your Mining Circuit Breakers

With an Eaton MCCB, you’ll always be able to visit a Breaker Service Centre (BSC) to maintain your device.

If it maintains minor physical damage or general wear and tear, BSC staff will be able to restore your device to full functionality. Should a device be beyond repair, Eaton offers credit toward the purchase of a new MCCB in exchange for the old model.

Discover our full range of Molded Case Circuit Breakers in our Products Store, or alternatively contact us below for custom Circuit Breaker Solutions!

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Self-Contained Self-Rescuers (SCSRs) for Mines, Tunnelling and Other Industries

Miner using self contained self rescuer (scsr)

Our Miners Self-Rescuers

View our range of SCSRs in our products shop or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Despite all safety precautions, accidents can and do happen, and a fire or explosion in a mine or tunnel could leave workers without rescue for some time.

Should an employee need to await help following a crisis or make their own way to safety, they must be able to do so with access to uncontaminated, breathable air.

Self-rescue breathing apparatus can provide a vital lifeline in an emergency, and is an integral piece of the miner’s equipment arsenal.

Self-Contained Self-Rescuers: Our Range

Among our range of SCSRs is the Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator, an air-purifying oxygen mask designed to protect against carbon monoxide and other toxic gases emitting from underground mine fires or explosions.

Immediately ready-for-use, the latex-free mouthpiece and nose clip allow for a smooth flow of safely breathable air to the user. Designed to be strapped to the head permitting hands-free operation, the device can be carried on the belt or over the shoulder when not in use.

The hermetically sealed, stainless steel container of the W65 mining self-rescuer boasts a long life expectancy of up to 15 years, with an in-service life of 10 years, and can provide a wearer with clean air for up to four hours.

We also offer self-rescuer respirators products from Ocenco, such as the EBA 6.5. This closed-circuit apparatus uses compressed oxygen, rather than the chemical-based breathing solutions available from alternate vendors.

This allows for extended life of the product as these units can be repaired and refurbished after use where others cannot, giving the wearer with the security of a 15-year useful life.

A clear case allows the miner to quickly and accurately assess the condition of the device, which can be manually adjusted to provide the user with up to eight hours of respiratory protection.

Another Ocenco SCSR available is the M-20, a belt-borne device which is particularly useful in tunnels and other confined spaces.

At just over six inches square and three inches thick, this is the world’s smallest SCSR, using compressed oxygen to provide respiratory protection for up to 32 minutes.

The user can quickly check the oxygen supply through the clear case, and much like the EBA 6.5, this is a device which can be upgraded and maintained for up to 15 years.

As well as our range of Self Rescuers and mining safety equipment, we also supply a whole host of other equipment from all of the major brands such as Samson, Stancor, PBE Axell (Pyott Boone) and more. From mining pumps to hard hats Explore the full range in our Products Store today.