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Optimize your mining operations with our premium material-handling equipment solutions in Canada

Multiple conveyors for material handling in a mine setting

Industrial material handling equipment

Material handling equipment guarantees the safe transportation and storage of products during manufacturing and distribution. Canadian facilities rely on a mix of fixed and variable path transportation solutions, including conveyor belts, cranes, and trucks. Our conveyor systems are enhanced by durable accessories such as robust conveyor idlers, preventing belt and material stretching, impact beds designed to absorb shock loads, and precise conveyor belt weighers for effective feed rate regulation.
For safe transportation using cranes and trucks, our cutting-edge collision avoidance systems utilize EM (electromagnetics), RFID, GPS, and bi-directional radar simultaneously for unparalleled accuracy. Configurable to recognize different groups, the dash-mounted PAS-Z Proximity Alert System alerts drivers to the presence of personnel, vehicles, and obstacles.

Conveyor belt maintenance for industrial material handling

For facilities relying on conveyor belts, effective maintenance is vital to prevent operational interruptions. Our solutions include a wide range of primary, secondary, and specialty belt cleaners, along with rugged components such as sheave wheels, cable clamp stops, v-plows, belt fasteners, belt clamps, and belt cutters tailored to specific applications.

Safe material handling with Carroll Technologies

With over 40 years of experience serving industries like mining, oil & gas, and construction within the United States, Carroll Technologies excels in assisting industrial facilities in finding the best equipment for efficient material handling. From Advanced Urethane, we offer customized belt cleaning solutions, including replacement blades, slider blocks, impact beds, and various accessories. MATO provides a range of conveyor belt fasteners and accessories, ensuring optimal performance for diverse applications. We’re excited to bring this expertise and superior product range into the Canadian market.

Conveyor belt monitoring and control in mines and industrial applications

The effectiveness of conveyor belts is often underestimated, yet they play a crucial role in transporting large volumes of material safely and efficiently. To enhance productivity and safety, Carroll Technologies collaborates with leading equipment manufacturers, such as the PBE Group and Martin Sprocket and Gear, to provide robust and versatile belt monitoring devices for various industrial applications.

Inefficient belts can severely undermine productivity, causing unscheduled disruptions in large-scale mining operations. Our PBE Belt Boss series of belt monitors enhance worker safety by monitoring and responding to potential dangers, such as sudden changes in belt speed, loss of power, and worker slips and falls.

Conveyor belt cleaners

Conveyor belt cleaners are essential for ensuring safe and smooth operations by preventing material build-up, avoiding drive drum motor overloads, and reducing the risk of material spillage. Carroll Technologies offers a range of reliable conveyor belt cleaners and accessories from Advanced Urethane and MATO, tailored to industrial conveyor belts.

Conveyor belt fasteners

The significance of conveyor belt components and maintenance is often overlooked during heavy-duty operations. Carroll Technologies understands the unique needs of tough industries. From MATO, a global leader in conveyor belt maintenance, we provide a range of fasteners and accessories tailored to diverse applications.
MATO conveyor belt fasteners, including heavy-duty mechanical splices and bolt plate fasteners, are suitable for underground mining and surface rock quarries. Our medium-duty belt fasteners find versatile applications across industries, ensuring reliable and efficient conveyor belt functionality.

High-performance conveyor systems in Canadian industries are supported by durable accessories such as robust conveyor idlers, which prevent the belt and materials from stretching and sagging, and impact beds designed to absorb significant shock loads. To regulate feed rates effectively, precise conveyor belt weighers are essential.

For the safe operation of cranes and trucks, Canadian facilities, regardless of size, are increasingly adopting sophisticated collision avoidance systems. These systems, capable of integrating EM (electromagnetic), RFID, GPS, and bi-directional radar technologies, offer unparalleled accuracy in tracking vehicles and machinery. They can be tailored to recognize various categories, such as different types of vehicles or personnel. Furthermore, the PAS-Z Proximity Alert System, mounted on the dashboard, provides drivers with critical alerts about nearby personnel, vehicles, and obstacles, enhancing safety across the facility.

Carroll Technologies has more than four decades of experience in mining, oil & gas, and construction industries, offering expert guidance in selecting the most suitable material handling equipment. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Canadian mines and industrial facilities, Carroll Technologies is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance efficiency and safety in material handling operations.

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Fluid Management Systems

Balcranks fluid monitoring systems

The importance of effective fluid management in mines

Fluid management in mines encompasses a wide range of activities, including the handling, storage, and disposal of various fluids used in mining processes. These fluids include water for processing and dust suppression, lubricants for machinery, and chemicals used in extraction processes. Key benefits of a good fluid management system include:

  • Operational Efficiency: Proper fluid management ensures that machinery operates smoothly, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Environmental Compliance: By managing fluids responsibly, mines can prevent contamination and adhere to environmental regulations.
  • Water Conservation: Efficient use of water is critical in mining, especially in water-scarce regions.
  • Worker Safety: Proper handling of fluids reduces the risk of accidents and exposure to hazardous substances.

Fluid handling system solutions and equipment

Fluid management systems encompass a wide range of processes and equipment designed to handle, transfer, and manage various fluids such as lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and other mining-specific fluids. Balcrank, a notable provider in this field, offers several robust fluid dispensing and pumping solutions tailored for the mining industry, including pumps, reels, handles, tanks, fluid monitoring and fluid inventory control systems.


Balcrank pumps

Balcrank’s extensive portfolio of oil piston pumps, grease piston pumps, and diaphragm pumps ensures that there is a tailored pumping solution for any application. The company also offers a system design program, where an expert team assesses a customer’s needs to design a system using the correct pump and diameter tubing.

Hose reels

Balcrank hose reels

Balcrank’s hose reels facilitate efficient fluid management by providing a reliable and organized solution for storing and dispensing fluids such as lubricants and oils. These reels enhance operational safety and productivity by reducing the risk of spills and ensuring quick access to necessary fluids during various mining activities.

Fluid inventory control systems

Balcrank fluid monitoring system

Fluid inventory control systems enable precise monitoring and management of fluid levels. By offering real-time data on fluid consumption and inventory levels, these systems help streamline operations, prevent downtime, and optimize maintenance schedules, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective mining process.

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Mining Equipment Suppliers in Canada: Reliable and Efficient Mine Safety Solutions

Mining safety equipment

Canadian mining equipment suppliers are at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing and integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in mining practices. Robotics, automation, and IoT (Internet of Things) applications have significantly transformed the mining landscape, leading to safer working conditions and optimized production.

Mine safety solutions in Canada

Carroll Technologies understands the safety needs of adverse industries such as mining, and has searched the market to supply only the most rugged and reliable safety, electronic and communication equipment. Carroll Technologies has been providing safety, communication and electronic equipment to mining, tunneling and construction projects across North America for more than 40 years, going on to extend its business to service Canadian mines. Its extensive range of products, from two-way radios to safety monitoring systems to PPE, comes with 24/7 support, service, spares, and repairs.

More than just a supplier, Carroll Technologies offers its expertise to ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment. Need an emergency purchase of portable substations, or do you need support building an entire communication system with radio transceivers, receivers and repeaters? Carroll Technologies has the expertise on hand to suggest the best products suited to your application, including site visits to ensure that new equipment can be effectively integrated into your safety, communication or electronic network.

Carroll Technologies has partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to supply its products, including PBE Axell, Icom America, Benshaw, Federal Pacific, Honeywell Safety Products, Protective Industrial Products (PIP USA), SAMOA pumps, Harrington Hoists & Cranes, Eaton/Cutler Hammer, and Northern Light Technologies to name a few.

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Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

SAMOA pneumatic air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODDP)

AODD pumps present a multitude of advantages. Their versatility allows for the seamless handling of a wide spectrum of fluids, ranging from thin and viscous liquids to abrasive or shear-sensitive materials. What sets AODD pumps apart is their ability to handle solids and suspended particles without causing damage, making them suitable for challenging applications where other pump types might struggle. Moreover, these pumps offer self-priming capabilities, enabling efficient operation even when the fluid source is situated below the pump level. Their tolerance for dry running further enhances their reliability, ensuring continued operation without damage in unintended dry-running situations. AODD pumps’ straightforward and low-maintenance design, characterized by fewer moving parts and easy installation, translates to reduced downtime and operational costs. Additionally, their intrinsic leak-free operation and ability to contain hazardous fluids make them a safe choice for handling volatile or dangerous substances, ensuring both operational safety and efficiency across various industrial processes.

Where to buy industrial AODD pumps

SAMOA Pivot Universal Pumps (UP) are Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) positive displacement pumps. They have two pumping sections, with each side featuring a liquid and air chamber that are divided by a diaphragm. The diaphragms are connected to a shaft, and during one pumping stroke, fluid is suctioned into one liquid chamber while simultaneously the fluid in the opposite liquid chamber is discharged. The new SAMOA Pivot UP introduces a unique frictionless Pivot-Shaft Air Valve to provide maximum performance and energy efficiency, which exceeds market expectations.


Finding the right mining pump is not a simple “add to basket purchase”, so Carroll Technologies supports its customers to find the right product, whether it involves a simple application or a fully customized pump network. In addition to innovative industrial diaphragm pumps, Carroll Technologies can service your entire operation with a range of valves, pumps, mixers and tanks, as well as pump parts, instrumentation and complete designed pumping systems. Other industry-leading pump manufacturers in Carroll Technologies’ portfolio include Equipment Pro and Mefcor.

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