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Ceramic and urethane linings for steel pipes in mines increase longevity at least ten-fold

Ceramic and urethane linings for steel pipes

Shoots and piping assemblies which transfer abrasive materials are susceptible to substantial wear and tear. Providing steel pipes with an appropriate lining can drastically extend the life of a product.

Carroll Technologies Group has now partnered with S&S Urethane, a leading manufacturer of urethane mining solutions, to distribute its products across the North American mining industry.

S&S Urethane’s Shannon Smith said: “Our choice to partner with Carroll Technologies was based on their experience in the mining industry, a well-trained, diverse sales force that covers a large area in the south eastern USA, along with several recommendations from our customer base.”

Based in Farina, Illinois, S&S Urethane has served the coal production, power generation, steel, grain, and aggregate industries across North America since 1974. It has multiple on site field crews across the continent, each equipped to set up complete abrasion-resistant liner installations and replacements wherever and whenever they’re needed.