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Construction Safety Equipment

We are specialists in providing all the equipment companies need to work safely underground and in other complex industrial environments, including construction industry safety equipment, personal protection equipment (PPE), electrical components and communications solutions.

Supplying and fitting DAS systems is one of our main product areas.

Carroll Technologies works in partnership with several manufacturers to provide various communication solutions for mining, tunneling, and buildings, including DAS and leaky feeder radio communications systems. We work with leading technology vendors including SOLID, Wilson Pro, SureCall, Pyott-Boone, ADRF Advanced RF Technologies Inc, Westel and Nextivity Cel-Fi.

We can also help in a variety of product areas including: electrical and electronic solutions, computer networking, hoists, synthetic rope, lighting, wireless and wired communications, tracking, monitoring and power distribution.

We pride ourselves on providing the most expert and attentive customer service in the business. We carry a huge range of stock for fast delivery and our expert consultants are always on hand to provide advice and information.

We also service, repair and replace all of our products ensuring you can keep downtime to a minimum.

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Conveyor Belt Monitoring and Control in Mines and Industrial Applications

Conveyor Belt Monitoring and Control in Mines (Shuttersock)

Yet the importance of belts is often overlooked, where other pieces of heavy machinery are more obviously involved in delivering production, and their safety concerns are more closely regulated.

To aid both productivity and safety, the Carroll Technologies Group works closely with equipment manufacturers, such as the PBE Group and Martin Sprocket and Gear, to provide robust and versatile belt monitoring devices for a range of industrial applications.

Conveyor Belt Productivity and Safety Concerns

While the effectiveness of conveyor belts can be taken for granted, ineffective belts can severely undermine productivity at mine sites. The World Coal Association estimates that over 7,200 million tonnes of hard coal are produced worldwide, all of which will need transporting around mining operations, either for processing or transport off-site.  Mining Technology reported that some companies consider malfunctioning belts to be responsible for up to 50% of unscheduled disruptions, impeding production at large-scale mining operations.

Belt malfunction also poses a significant safety threat, with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reporting that three of the 25 fatalities recorded at US mines in 2018 involved conveyor belts. Two accidents involved a worker being crushed between a conveyor belt and another piece of machinery as they were moved, and the third involved a belt unexpectedly starting while the victim was conducting maintenance work on the belt.

Monitoring at the Heart of Safety: PBE Belt Boss

More effective monitoring systems could have helped ensure worker safety during all three accidents, primarily by informing workers of the relative position of belts and other machinery.

Carroll Technologies Group supplies the PBE Belt Boss series of belt monitors (pictured below), which can observe and respond to a number of potentially dangerous events, such as workers slipping and falling, sudden changes in belt speed and loss of power.

These monitoring devices can also be incorporated into a wider network of connected devices, providing comprehensive coverage of large machinery and conveyor belts, and is in line with Carroll’s commitment to providing customized and comprehensive safety solutions.

Effective monitoring and alert systems are particularly effective in relation to the fatal accidents involving belts, as all three victims were engaged in other work, either maintenance operations or the moving or feeding of machinery, and so would have been unable to remain aware of their environment. Devices that can monitor the condition and position of machinery and remotely alert workers are particularly effective in busy and complex operations.

The system is also capable of monitoring and responding to a number of dangers that can threaten workers around conveyor belts. The constantly-moving parts of conveyor belts present unique safety challenges, as dust is repeatedly kicked up into the atmosphere, and fires can break out in confined spaces with a lot of moving parts; the Belt Boss system can monitor both the spread of fires, and the concentration of particulate matter in the air, and alert workers should either pose a significant safety risk.

Conveyor Belt Components and Replacement Parts

Advanced Urethane is a US-based provider of innovative polyurethane products, including a diverse range of solutions suitable for industrial conveyor belts. Through Carroll Technologies, they can provide replacement blades for Richwood belt cleaners, replacement slider blocks for Richwood impact beds, complete impact beds, and replacement impact bars. They can also supply V-Plows, shiv wheels for shuttle cars, cable clamps for underground mine cable, 12” rubber pads for transfer points on belt lines, water blades for wet vulcanized belts, cable clamp stops, and wear liners.

MATO also provide a wide range of maintenance accessories such as primary and secondary belt cleaners, V-Plows, belt cutters, and belt clamps. As experts in the maintenance of conveyor belts (and in the handling of lubricants and fuels), MATO supplies heavy-duty mechanical belt splices for underground mining, bolt plate fasteners (usually used for surface rock quarries/recycling plants), and medium-duty belt fasteners for packing and handling.

Carroll’s highly personalized service is particularly welcome with regards to belt management, due to the differences in the scale and function of belts across mining operations.

The company’s 24/7 support service and facilities in seven distribution and repair centres across North America, enables mining, tunnelling and other industrial operators to tailor their products to their operations and receive immediate assistance in the event of malfunctions. Carroll has an inventory of spare parts worth around $7million from over 80 manufacturers, and has been named PBE’s distributor of the year on multiple occasions over the last 35 years.

Conveyor Belt Monitoring & Controls for the Water Industry

The water industry makes extensive use of conveyor belts and other specialist industrial equipment when installing pipelines or tunneling. Conveyor belts are required for the efficient removal of debris, allowing work to progress and projects to be completed on time. Carroll Technologies provides a variety of conveyor belt monitoring and controls systems for use within the water industry, which, when implemented, can help to maximize the effectiveness of conveyor belts – saving businesses within the water industry both time and money.

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Collision Avoidance Systems, Devices & Equipment in the Mining Industry

Collision avoidance in mines (Picture: Shutterstock)

Proximity-monitoring systems and solutions can significantly reduce these accidents.

Here at Carroll Technologies, we combine the latest innovations with best in class customer service to give you a complete collision mitigation systems solution suitable for mines, tunneling, steel, construction and other industrial projects.

Collision Avoidance: Tracking Solutions

How does collision avoidance system work? The basis of most collision avoidance solutions is an effective tracking system, which can monitor the positions of workers and pieces of equipment to ensure they don’t come into contact with one another.

This can take the form of tags, worn by workers and attached to machinery and vehicles, which feed information into a control center, ensuring a human operator can see the relative position of everything within a mine, either a surface or underground operation.

These collision avoidance systems also include alarms and alerts that trigger when two tags are moved too close to one another, providing an early collision warning system to prevent accidents from taking place.

These collision detection functions can also be customized, enabling larger or smaller safe zones to be established for individuals and machines of different sizes, creating a system where alarms are tailored to the scale and function of individual operations.

Carroll Technologies adds an additional layer of control to the mining collision avoidance system, with different levels of warning, from yellow to red, to cover a range of threats to worker safety.

Carroll’s MSHA-approved solutions for miner safety include the Miner and Equipment Tracking System which provides tracking, text pager communications and atmospheric monitoring all over a single cable.

Carroll supplies PBE’s PAS Proximity Alert System which utilizes electromagnetic sensors and GPS 

This innovative mining collision avoidance system detects light vehicles, heavy vehicles, obstacles and personnel, as well as user-defined geofences.


Ensuring Visibility for Collision Avoidance

Visibility is a key aspect of avoiding collisions, and mine safety in general. This visibility enables personnel to be aware of their surroundings making it less likely to be involved in a crash; tracking systems help provide visibility beyond that which human workers can see with their eyes, improving safety across all operations.

The presence of automatic monitoring and alerts also enables additional visibility without distracting workers, which could compromise personnel or put them in more dangerous situations

“To help minimise those risks, visuals are important in a collision-avoidance system, because you can’t always have visibility on where everything is,” said Carroll engineering president Allen Haywood.

“Let’s say you have a large loader that is moving forward and backward all the time, or loading trucks, a crusher or a loading facility, there’s no way that the operator can see what’s behind him that is in close proximity.”

2. The dash-mounted PAS-Z Proximity Alert System (pictured below) alerts drivers to the presence of personnel, vehicles and obstacles. It helps manage vehicle interactions by reporting reliable information on the proximity of the closest objects.

Satellite Technology and Collision Avoidance Sensors

The same principle of proximity monitoring in order to create safe work zones around people and machinery can be scaled up to use satellite technology, to provide a top-down view of surface mining operations.

While satellite solutions require companies to have access to this level of technology, they can save on operational costs and minimize equipment usage in the long-term.

For large-scale, established operations in particular, the use of satellite tracking systems could be a significant and welcome technological upgrade that incorporates several systems into a single operation.

Comprehensive services are increasingly popular in the mining industry, with companies such as Carroll offering tracking and communication services using the same technological base, and could significantly reduce the likelihood of collisions.

Further reading: How does a collision avoidance system work in Mining Operations?

See also: Collision Prevention Systems in Industrial Applications & Mining Safety Equipment & Supplies

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Steel Industry Safety Equipment & Supplies

Our product areas include: gas monitoring, circuit breakers, proximity detections, communications and PPE.

We pride ourselves on providing the most expert and attentive customer service in the business. We carry a huge range of stock for fast dispatch. And our expert consultants are always on hand to provide advice and information.

We also service, repair and replace all of our products ensuring you can keep downtime to a minimum.

To look at the range of competitively priced-items we have available for shipping today, please visit our online store.

To speak to one of our sales representatives call 606-573-1000 or use the email contact form here.

You can also use the chat function on this website to speak to one of our agents.

We are proud to count Butler Steel and Steel Dynamics among our customers in the steel sector.

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Mining Safety Equipment & Supplies

From respirators to collision avoidance systems, from DAS to leaky feeder systems and from LED lighting to hoists and synthetic rope – Carroll will supply, fit and service everything you need efficiently and at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on providing the most expert and attentive customer service in the business. We carry a huge range of stock for fast delivery. And our expert consultants are always on hand to provide advice and information.

We also service, repair and replace all of our products ensuring you can keep downtime to a minimum.

To look at the range of competitively priced-items we have available for shipping today, please visit our online store.

To speak to one of our sales representatives call 606-573-1000 or use the email contact form here.

Carroll is proud to count Nyrstar, Martin Marietta, Vulcan Materials, Rogers Group, Lhoist, Mississippi Lime, Carmeuse, Cargill, Morton Salt, American Rock Salt, Lafarge, Kerford Limestone, CRH Americas, Stillwater and Genesis Alkali among our clients in the mining sector.

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High Quality Mining Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Repair technician (Shutterstock)

Many products are repaired to MSHA standards and others are factory-authorized repairs conducted in our own facilities.

By offering first-class factory-authorized and MSHA approved mining maintenance and repair services, Carroll ensures that equipment is running as it should be, keeping workers safe and getting the most from your investment.

Factory-Authorized Mining Equipment Repairs

We operate factory-authorized and certified repair centers for Pyott-Boone, MSA, Eaton, Comtrol International, NLC Cap Lights, Benshaw and SMC and many others. All repairs use OEM supplied parts.

Factory-authorized equipment repair programs are also available for molded case circuit breakers through Cutler Hammer.

MSHA-Approved Mining Maintenance and Repairs

We adhere to specifications and processes that meet or exceed MSHA specifications where MSHA applies.

Mining equipment repairs that meet MSHA requirements ensure that equipment is repaired or rebuilt to MSHA-approved conditions, as well as ensure that personnel who carry out the repairs are appropriately trained and certified.

Get in touch below for more information about the complete range of mining equipment repair and maintenance services available from Carroll Technologies Group.

Service Exchange Programme

We offer a cost-effective emergency service exchange program for quick availability of key products and components, along with full service, repair, and replacement options.

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Product Support

Carroll call centre (Shutterstock)

With our industry-leading support your operation has instant access to repair technicians, troubleshooting support, a vast inventory of spares, and comprehensive repair facilities.

We have seven support and repair centers strategically located across North America.

Every product and service offered by Carroll Technologies Group is backed by our expert team of technicians.

Here are a few examples of our 24/7 services:

  • On-call technical support
  • Certified repair centers for Pyott-Boone, MSA, Eaton, Comtrol International, NLT Cap Lights and SMC and many others
  • $7 million spare parts inventory covering safety, electrical and mining-related products from over 80 manufacturers
  • Same-day despatch of the products you need from a network of seven distribution centers
  • Quality repair processes that meet or exceed MSHA specifications

Need help right now? Contact the Carroll support center nearest you, or get in touch with us below.