Mine Process and Service (MPS): Endorsed by Carroll Technologies

Whether you are working at or visiting a mining site, no one can feel safe without a field-proven and robust hard hat. Worker safety is at the core of Mine Process and Service (MPS’s) ethos, and over the last 30 years, the company has worked hard to promote safety and efficiency in the mining industry.

Head protection solutions from MPS are unique to the US, with a focus on not only advanced safety, but also comfort for the user. As a trusted distributer of mining safety equipment to more than 800 mines across North America, Carroll Technologies is the perfect partner for providing MPS hard hats to American mines.

Through Carroll Technologies, customers can purchase the MPS Centurion Vision hard hat and the MPS Centurion Spectrum hard hat. Centurion works with MPS to manufacture innovate hard hats from premium materials that are strong and rigid, resistant to heat and chemicals, but also comfy and secure.

The MPS Centurion Vision has an integrated, retractable visor for eye protection that meets NSI Z87+ standards for high-impact protection. The ABS shell offers extended neck protection, with a shorter brim for greater upward visibility and better comfort for the wearer.

The Spectrum has completely adjustable integrated safety glasses which can pivot and move closer to or away from the wearers face, providing both security and comfort. This hard hat also has optional hearing protection. The standard unit offers six-point Terylene suspension for fit and comfort, and the premium model is fitted with a hydro-flock sweatband. As one of the most advanced hard hats on the market, the MPS Spectrum is not only robust and wearable, but also only weighs 15.5 ounces.

Purchasing MPS Centurian hard hats through Carroll Technologies gives customers access the MinerCare 24/7, increasing the value of investment with factory-authorized repair, rapid emergency response and industry-leading technical support.

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